The pool construction process

Premier Pools & Spas has built a reputation for helping customers design and construct their dream swimming pool. We work closely with you to determine your wants and needs for your backyard swimming oasis. Our goal is to make the overall process as streamlined as possible. That's why our professionals take into consideration the size of your yard, the materials needed, your budget, and the building time frame to recommend the perfect size and style of pool to meet your needs and surpass your expectations.

swimming pool construction - layoutLayout and Excavation


We know that seeing is believing, so before we begin work on your new pool, our contractors will provide a detailed layout in your yard of what the pool area will look like. With your approval, and any changes you may have, our builders begin the excavation process. We always use the right too for the job when it comes to digging your yard. Once the excavation is complete, we use rebar to create a reinforced shell that adds strength and rigidity to your pool for years to come.

swimming pool construction - plumbing and electric

Plumbing and electrical added


Licensed contractors will add the necessary plumbing and electrical for your pool. Premier Pools & Spas uses larger than average plumbing lines, which allow for a more energy-efficient pool. After that, gunite —  a superb concrete mixture — is forcefully sprayed over the rebar shell. This creates the interior of your pool. We then add tile, coping and pool decking around your pool before setting up the pool equipment needed to manage the filtration and cleaning of the pool. Finally. we check that everything is operating properly and that you have the best equipment for your pool’s specific needs.

swimming pool construction - landscaping

Interior finish and landscaping


The final step is to apply a waterproof interior finish over the gunite. The color and material of the finish affects the look of your pool, so we will work closely with you to ensure you choose a style that reflects your taste. We can also add landscaping around your pool so that when we leave your property, your pool area is finished and ready for you to enjoy!


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The pool construction process
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