Building an awesome pool in your backyard involves designing the surrounding area equally appealing, instead of leaving it bare. You might wish to make your sparkling pool even more beautiful with absolutely gorgeous landscaping. And you are right to dream of jazzing up your pool. If you have many different ideas and don’t know where to start, think about what inspires you and reflects your personality. With the help of pool service Marin, you can bring your creative backyard landscaping ideas to life.

Rows of Potted Plants

waterfall feature

Rather than choosing tall trees which shed leaves or have too many branches, go for shrubs or shorter plants. Consider having rows of potted plants in a variety of styles and colors. But make sure to strategically place them in a way so that they look blended in with your entire landscaping. You can get some native plants which can survive in harsh weathers too. This way, you don’t need to worry about your landscaping as well as your pool maintenance.

A Bridge Near the Pool

This is an idea that goes well with any style of pool design. Whether it is a tropical oasis, minimalist pool or natural design, a bridge adds beauty to the whole space. There are also different options to choose for the material of the bridge. Wooden, stone, and metal are the popular ones, so choose the one that suits your pool. Additionally, a bridge can also cover up any glaring gaps in your landscaping.

Custom Water Features

Waterfall Features

To maximize the pool space and filling unused area, you can add water features like a fountain or a waterfall. Design them in an appealing manner with streams of water gushing down a natural looking boulder. Or, you can even add sound effects and white noise to make it a relaxing setting and turn poolside into a meditation area. Speak to pool service Marin experts to learn more on how to get things rolling.

Fire Pit and Lighting

Fire elements add a striking contrast to your pool environment. You can have a fire pit as the focal point of your backyard or place it in combination with the pool. If you have a fire feature on the deck, you can also transform it into an outdoor kitchen when needed. But without good lighting in your landscaping, however great your pool design is, it won’t show. Furthermore, add interesting pieces of furniture to suit that cozy setting.

Ornamental Grass

For natural and free form pools, which fit into the shape of the available space, choose ornamental grass to complete the look. These are very low maintenance and don’t need too much watering. You can also use proper placement of succulents in varying heights, which don’t need much tending to and complement the style of your pool.

Landscaping in the Pool

Multi-level pools are a huge hit in recent times- particularly if you have a small area, but want the setting to look magical. These pools with landscaping inside them look like they popped right out of a fantasy book. Again in these, you can surprise yourself by achieving a whole range of variations working with a professional pool service Marin.

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