Nothing beats the fun of owning a swimming pool and a refreshing ambiance in your backyard. Though a pool is a big investment, there are some Louisville swimming pool tips that can help you make the most of it. Right from maintenance to cleaning, you can save extra cost if you follow the right methods. Here are some effective money-saving tips for the pool owners:

solar pool heaters

1. Install a Solar Pool Heater

With a solar pool heater, you will not only save money but also save the environment. It reduces your electricity bills and carbon footprint. Install solar heaters that harness strong rays of the sun during the summer month. You may also get a tax break by choosing solar upgrades for your swimming pool. Talk to your pool builder about the best solar options that you have.

2. Maintain Chemical Balance

As a pool owner, maintenance of your investment is important. Water chemicals are expensive. To save money on this front, follow a regular schedule to check the alkalinity, calcium, and pH levels of your pool water. If you can keep the balance maintained, you can save not only money but also your time. Know about the right water chemistry levels to maintain the balance.

3. Run the Pool Filter at Night

The pool filter keeps the water clean but it needs a lot of electricity to run. To save money on your utility bills, you should run the filter during the night and off-peak hours. Depending on your area and state, the rates may be different for peak hours and off-peak hours. This strategy can save you many dollars in the long run.

4. Ensure Timely Cleaning

Pool cleaning is a time-consuming and expensive chore. If you have conventional pool pumps in which overkill costs you more than you anticipate, replace the pump with a better one. Variable speed pumps are the viable choice as they save more power and run efficiently. They keep the algae at bay and reduce your pool maintenance costs as well.

5. Use Pool Cover

When you do not use your pool, it is wise to cover it properly. It reduces the cost of maintaining the pool. Use solar covers that reduce system inefficiencies by holding the heat and reducing evaporation. If you cover the pool at night or during winters, it saves you a lot of money. The water evaporating from your pool has expensive chemicals which need to be replaced with fresh chemicals. It is a major cost component in pool maintenance. So, you can act intelligently and use solar blankets to increase the efficiency of your pool systems.

solar heaters

6. Shock Your Pool Regularly

The worst thing that can happen to your pool is turning green and murky in the middle of the swim season. You can skip the pool shock routine and let this happen. If in case, you miss shocking your pool in a week, you’ll have to triple shock it to get rid of green matter. Also, it requires a 24/7 run of the pool filter to clear up murky water.

These are some effective money saving Louisville swimming pool tips that can help you in reaping the economy of pool ownership.

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