Transform your Heart of Texas pool into your dream backyard oasis with custom pool features. The varieties of choices can add elegance to your poolscape. You can also add elegance to your backyard pool with a Baja shelf, equipped with lounge chairs.

custom pool features

Hiring the best Premier Pools & Spas of the Heart of Texas professionals will help deliver the pool of your dreams. If you have already spent a lot of money designing and constructing the luxurious pool of your dreams, then you may as well ensure that there’s no one in your neighborhood who has the same pool.

Consider Adding these Custom Pool Features to Make your Pool Unique

1. Custom Glass Tiles

A pool’s interior provides a big canvas, which pool designers can customize to your preferences. Because of the reflective nature of water and glass, tiles create a stunning effect when installed throughout the whole pool. This gorgeous interior finish will elevate your pool area’s look and let you make the most of the ever-changing play of glass, water, and light.

If installed in the right way and maintained properly, glass tiles have the possibility of lasting for a lifetime. These custom pool features are harder to install than ceramic a lot of other kinds. You should work with the best Premier Pools & Spas professionals who have expertise in this kind of installation.

custom pool features

2. Custom Deck Jets and Cascades

Deck jets and cascades bring a stylish touch to the poolscape while incorporating the calming sound of falling pool water. With these days of technology, a range of choices are out there, from simple to elaborate.

3. Custom Lighting

Luxury spas owners of considering customizing their experience often add vibrant lighting. Incorporating color to the spa experience can contribute to your guests’ overall fun, offer unique visual ambiance, and affect the mood. While entertaining in your backyard space, adjusting color to complement your event’s mood or theme or creating a customized light display is a touch that most homeowners in the Heart of Texas look for.

Nowadays, you can set pool lights to change colors or a single color. Most systems are programmable, letting you adjust brightness, motion, and speed. The most popular option is the LED lights. This is because of their energy efficiency, durability, and brightness, with the bulbs lasting to over a decade.

4. A Custom Tanning Ledge

Homeowners often add these custom pool features into their backyard oasis. This will help them unwind in the water and not have to laboriously maneuver themselves on a pool float or raft, or change into your swimsuit. Because of its shallow depth, a tanning ledge is also a great spot for small kids, pets, or anyone who just wants to cool down during a hot summer day in the Heart of Texas. In addition, a tanning ledge lets you unwind by the pool early in the morning or on a cold day before the pool’s deeper end has a chance to heat up.

custom pool features

Custom Pool Features with Premier Pools & Spas!

Incorporating any one of these designs to the pool will certainly make your summertime pool parties in the Heart of Texas a big hit. There are lots of other custom pool features that you can install to make your pool unique. To know more about custom pool features you can incorporate into your dream pool, contact a professional at Premier Pools & Spas of the Heart of Texas today and talk to one of our expert pool designers.

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