Your backyard oasis deserves more than a swimming pool. You can turn this space into a heavenly retreat with Gulfport spas that offer luxury and relaxation beyond words. With a luxurious pool spa, you will not only create a relaxing space, but also add more value to your home. When designing a spa for your backyard, consider the existing architecture and landscaping of your property. Here are some other things to consider:

Choose Proper Location

The location of your pool spa is important. It should be large enough to accommodate the tub and perform timely maintenance. Never keep all the sides of your hot tub spa exposed to the elements. You can hide some sides using existing walls. And, mask the remaining portions with a wooden, concrete, or fiberglass enclosure.

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Lay Strong Foundation

If you have a pool, you can attach the spa to it. However, if you are planning to build a pool spa from scratch, think about the foundation. Once filled, the spa will weigh thousands of pounds and this weight must settle into the ground. You need a firm foundation to ensure the same.

Select Spa Design

An attached spa can add a lot of appeal to your backyard. It connects to the existing water circulation system of your swimming pool. Select the spa design that blends seamlessly into the design layout of your pool. Spillover spa is the most convenient design to consider. It is classic and elegant. Above all, you can place a spillover spa directly adjacent to the pool. Also, you can choose naturalistic spa that can be detached or attached to the existing landscaping.

Building Gunite Pool

Make It a Centerpiece

Gulfport spas are getting popular among the homeowners who prefer relaxing spaces right in their backyard. If you’re also looking to build a pool spa, make it a focal point in your outdoor oasis. It requires meticulous details and some amazing water features. For example, you can add features such as spa jets, air blowers, and lighting.

Consider the Cost

Adding an in-ground attached spa is a costly affair. It needs proper time and investment to deliver the desired results. If you are looking to install a standalone spa, it will need its own pump and filtration system. The costs will be much higher.

On the other hand, if you attach a spillover spa to your pool, it shares the pump and other equipment. As a result, the cost of installation may be slightly less than a standalone spa. The choice depends on the type of pool and your budget for this addition.

Building a Small Pool

Add a Character to the Spa

Custom-built spas can be turned into an amazing landscaping feature for your backyard. All you need to do is use the right elements. Choose the right size of spa depending on available space. Select an appropriate design for the spa. Also, you can create a sundeck near the spa to have a relaxed time under the sun.

Whatever is your choice in Gulfport spas, create a unique look that complements your home. Get in touch with a reputable pool contractor to bring this idea into life.

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