Having a swimming pool is an ideal escape on a scorching summer day. Adding attractive features to your regular pool helps you relax further, especially when the design complements other elements of your property. A waterfall, for instance, becomes the focal point of your pool, luring you in to take a relaxing dip.

The scale of your swimming pool feature must be in proportion to the size of your pool and yard. Even the shape of your existing pool has to be taken into account as some fixtures enhance specific patterns better than others. Listed here are some fun, attention-grabbing elements you can consider to transform your poolscape for the better:

Striking Waterfall

add waterfall to pool

A beautifully designed waterfall strategically placed, lends a unique charm to your pool. Just the sound of the free-flowing water puts you in a peaceful state of mind. Swimming pools and waterfalls make a stylish pair. For a natural look, a waterfall is very often built using boulders and rocks.

Signature Fountain

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Besides lending another visually appealing dimension to your pool, the sound of the falling water captures your attention. Uplift an aesthetically designed fountain by lighting it to create a tastefully decorated spectacle at night. Choose from what best compliments your existing pool design. Your fountain could be a spillover or a floating one.

Sheer Descent

With their sleek edges and crisp lines, sheer descents give a modern touch to your pool. Should you feel like having the best of both worlds with a far more economical alternative, install a sheer descent. This fixture combines the benefit of both a waterfall and a fountain without going over the top.

A sheer descent gives you a lot of flexibility as you can place it anywhere in your pool to enjoy the effect of water falling like a thin sheet. In addition to it being available in varying lengths, there is also a provision to illuminate it from inside. Since the water falls away from the wall of the pool, it forms an arc-like shape.

Tanning Ledge  

pool water features

This fun swimming pool feature is ideal for soaking up the sun and relaxing on lounge chairs under an umbrella. If you have younger kids, this feature allows you to splash around with them without having to wade into deeper waters.

Swim-Up Bar

high quality pool features

Why get out of the pool for a snack or drink when you can create a built-in bar with stools that you can easily access while swimming. While munching and sipping on your drink, you can make the most of the calming waters. Having your kitchen close by is an added plus to help create the ultimate party environment

Pool Mosaics

Customize your pool to reflect your personality and express your individuality. You can take your pick from sports team logos, animals, geometric designs, to whatever else catches your fancy.

Weigh the pros and cons before installing any swimming pool feature instead of regretting the move at a later date. Aim at making your outdoor living space both functional and stylish.

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