A Swimming pool filter needs to be cleaned just like how swimming pools need to be clean. If you don’t clean your pool filter it will effect the cleanliness of your swimming pool. That is why all types of pool maintenance is very important. Keep reading to learn how to properly backwash your swimming pool filter.

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How to Backwash a Swimming Pool Filter

There are a few different types of swimming pool filter that all require routine cleaning, but since we will be talking about how to backwash a pool filter, this means we’re focusing on how to clean a sand filter. There other types of pool filters are the cartridge filter and the DE filter. Both of those filters require a different and more complicated cleaning process. The sand filter is the easiest to clean out of the three filters stated above.

All sand filters have the same cleaning process, so if you have a different module sand filter, that is okay. Now backwashing your sand filter is a simple process. Start with shutting off your pool pump system, to ensure that no water is filtering it’s way through the pipes.

  • Unwind the backwash hose, and make sure it is still tightly clamped to the water outlet.
  • After the hose is laid out, proceed to the backwash valve.
  • Generally all sand filters will have a push and pull valve. There should be sticker instructions as to which direction the water will flow out of. You’ll want to either push or pull the valve so the water flows out of the backwashing hose.
  • With the handle locked in the back-wash position, turn the system back on and you should see water flowing out of the hose.
  • At first, you’ll see that the water is dirt and full of debris, keep it running for a few minutes, or until you see the water to appear more clear.
  • Once that is complete, turn the system back off, roll up the hose, and return the back wash valve to its normally operating position.

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