Everybody with a swimming pool dreams of having a stunning backyard around their Gulf Coast pool. Backyard ideas for your pool area will help create an area that feels calm, cool, and welcoming. Creating the perfect backyard, irrespective of your budget is possible. Your Gulf Coast backyard should be an area where you go to unwind, re-energize, break free from it all, and enjoy private time with your family.

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There are lots of ways to enhance a pool. You can begin with backyard ideas like furniture or adding water features such as waterfalls or fountains. You’ll see that with these additional elements, your pool looks much better and is even more welcoming.

Here are some backyard ideas you can consider to create functional and beautiful pool area,

Underwater lighting

Gone are the days of plain, yellow pool lights. You can install multi-colored LED lights with remote controls or even control dials. Adjust the brightness and color to go well with your mood.


You can add a hammock to your pool area to create a relaxing, intimate ambiance. Fabric pattern and color options are almost endless, plus you can add a throw pillow or blanket. Hammock chairs are great backyard ideas and create the same aesthetic as a standard hammock, but are a lot easier to get in and out of.

String lights

You can use string lights to add a magical quality to your swimming pool area. Choose caged bulbs, round bulbs, twinkling LEDs or Edison light bulbs. Whatever style you like, string lights of hung above your swimming pool area add ambiance without spending too much.

backyard ideas

Landscaping and greenery

Since pools are mainly located outdoors, create a better ambiance by having great landscaping. Also, add some greenery by using some plants and lawn to surround the pool. This will not only enhance your pool area’s look but that of your whole backyard. Swimming pool landscapes can be one thing that will make your property look welcoming.

Floating pool lights

Even if you cannot install permanent lights in your swimming pool walls, you can use floating lights to create ambiance. Whether your style involves a cluster of light-up lotus flowers or whimsical floating jellyfish lights, you will find unlimited options in with these lights.

Shade sail

If there’s no shade in your pool area, but you cannot spend too much money on a pergola, think about a getting a shade sail. They are inexpensive, UV-blocking, and durable.

Water feature

Sound is an essential element you may ignore in your backyard. Fountains and waterfalls can be installed on the pool’s edge or inside. Not only are they appealing, but water features will also help transform your backyard into a relaxing environment.

backyard ideas

Outdoor furniture

Perhaps you can add a seating area to the poolside. You can place daybeds or lounge chairs. Make sure that you choose furniture that will last long in spite of exposure to rain and heat. All you will need to get started with these amazing backyard ideas is just a simple email or a phone call to an expert pool builder at Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast.

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