Who doesn’t want their outdoor space to be filled with greenery and fresh air? Poolside landscaping is a big part of this experience. But how do swimming pool surroundings affect your outdoor experience? A beautiful poolside landscape helps reduce chemical usage, conserve water and save you money. Let’s get started.

beautiful poolside landscape


Want to take a dip during the middle of the day? Nosy neighbor troubles? Whatever the reason, having some hedges, shrubs, tall flowering plants, vines, and trees around your pool will give you much-needed privacy.

Reduced evaporation

While you cannot avoid the evaporation of water and pool chemicals, you can certainly reduce it. By placing shrubs, plants, and other barriers alongside your pool, you can lessen the wind speed that skims your pool’s surface. This, in turn, reduces the rate of evaporation. Thus, you will end up saving chemicals, water and money.

beautiful poolside landscape


Quite obviously, swimming pool surroundings help to heighten the beauty of your backyard. Imagine having just a few feet of concrete and grass alongside your pool. It will make your yard look desolate and barren. A well-cut poolside landscape adds life and turns your backyard into a green paradise.

Choose a theme

You’ll be spoiled with choices on pool landscaping themes. From tropical themes to desert, Mediterranean to jungle, there is no limit to what you can create. This is entirely optional and may vary depending on your preferences. Depending on the theme, you need to have the right plants and accessories ready to use. For instance, a desert theme will have many succulents and cacti with landscaping rocks instead of mulch.

pool building process

Design before you start

Never underestimate the importance of a design in your poolside landscaping. Avoid choosing random flowers or plants and planting them next to one another. It may so happen that the plants in the front are taller than those at the rear. It may even get crowded with one plant spreading out too far and towering over others.

You can prevent all such hassles when you have a proper plan.  This can be as easy as putting down your ideas on a sheet of paper or call professionals who will simplify the process for you. There are certain other aspects necessary to build a solid landscaping plan.

beautiful poolside landscape

Choose the right plants

Choose native plants that are low on maintenance. Also, consider understanding how far outward or tall they tend to grow. This will let you design a proper landscaping structure while benefiting from all kinds of plants. Avoid invasive plants that grow aggressively and obstruct or kill other plants around them.

Prepare the area

Prepare your poolside area by cleaning all the trash, debris, and metal. Pull out the weeds and rocks and start planting those greens around your pool. Consider having a lighting feature that will enhance your landscape beauty during the night.

Poolside landscaping has become imperative to having beautiful outdoors. From simple themes to complex, there are a number of ways to design the landscape. A properly planned landscape will give you many benefits apart from improving your backyard aesthetic.

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