If you are tired of dealing with the extra love handles and want to firm up some of that chub you have going on, pool workouts at your Los Angeles home can help. In this article, we are going to talk about the best pool workouts to try in your swimming pool so you can start firming up the flab.

Many times, when you change your workouts from the gym to your pool, you are going to notice you do not meet so much resistance from your mind begging you not to put it through the pain of a workout. We think swimming pool and our brain instantly tells us it is time for fun.

pool workouts

Pool Workouts to Firm the Flab

Are you tired of feeling the extra jiggle when you walk? Or maybe you want to have more strength so you can be more active. Whatever your motivation is, these pool workouts are going to help you get that better body that you want.

Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks are a great way to work not only your legs but your abs as well. They are simple to do but work very quickly, especially if you haven’t been working out much.

Place your back against the side of the swimming pool with your arms out on either side of you as your arms are resting on the ledge. Allow your legs to float toward the top and then start to kick your legs slowly.
If you want the modified version of this exercise, you can allow one foot to remain on the floor while you allow the other toe to come toward the top of the water, put that foot back and allow the other foot to come up.

pool workouts


When you are trying to do squats out of the water, they sometimes can feel painful on your knees but add a little water and you will notice that a lot of the pressure that was felt before is going to go off your knees.
When you are doing one of these pool workouts, you only want to be about waist deep in the pool so you are able to squat without putting your face in the water. The deeper you can squat with good form, the more muscles it is going to work.

As you squat make sure to stick the buttocks out so that your knees are over your ankles. You do not want your knees to jut out over your ankles or you could hurt your knees. Depending on how strong your muscles are, you want to do 5 or more squats in a row, take a break and then do another set.

Pool Workouts to Improve Your Health

pool workouts

When you want to improve your health, pool workouts are a great way to do that. They are a lot of fun and it makes it easier on your body to get the workouts done. Ask your doctor if pool workouts might be the right thing for you and your body.

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