Never say your backyard is too tiny for a pool! Homeowners with smaller or very small backyards often laugh at the idea of incorporating a pool into their tiny landscaping. We have heard all the excuses! From: “It will take up the whole yard!” to “I think it will look funny, what do you think?” There are a lot of good reasons to choose a smaller swimming pool (or spools), but lack of space is (more often than not) the leading reason.  Cost is also a leading factor in someone’s consideration in spools, all else being equal, a small pool (or spools) is much cheaper to install and maintain than a large or regular sized inground pool. After all you must admit, there are fewer materials required, less labor involved, and lower monthly maintenance costs. We are here to tell you that with a talented pool designer and a little bit of imagination, all of your hot, sweaty summer days and pool-envy can be gone in the blink of an eye! Premier Pools & Spas’ designers are experts in making the maximum use of your limited space!

Check out this spool (one of our best spools) & travertine deck we just completed in downtown Houston. Designer: Steve Unger


Spools! Fun For all!

The typical inground pool is accessible from all sides. To maximize space for a spool, we usually like to run one side up to a fence or wall, as seen here. Entry from all sides requires decking that a person would be able to tread along on to gain access into the pool. For most of our customers, giving up accessibility on one or two sides of the pool is an easy sacrifice to make – afterall, they have a small space and want a place to cool off! In fact, we have found that in talking to our beloved PPAS customers that it’s hardly a sacrifice at all given that many of our most stunningly beautiful pools are in fact designed this way.


Regular sized inground pools are typically rectangular or oval. However, a custom pool can be built in whatever shape you like – including one that fits neatly into that empty corner of your yard! A custom Premier Pools & Spas’ design customized to the oddities of your yard space can open up new possibilities for pool placement that might not be feasible for the standard shapes. It may even leave you room for that outdoor kitchen you’ve been craving. Check out the BBQ that this homeowner was able to manage!

For a really luxurious touch, you can add a waterfall at one edge of the pool, like this homeowner did. This type of feature is ideal for decorating one side of the pool where there’s no space for a deck.

Before you contact us, the professionals, we bet that you have your own ideas to bring to the table. Jot them down! We want to hear them and bring them to life. When you don’t have much square footage to work with, it creates a limit on the size of the pool you can install. We get it! That won’t stop you from swimming though, not if we have anything to say about it.

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