Owning a swimming pool brings in lots of joy and excitement. But what accompanies the fun is maintenance challenges. Having your pool sparkling clean is essential for enjoying your swimming experience. You need to have the right pool cleaning equipment to help you clean your pool.

Vacuum Heads

Cement Pool Maintenance

Vacuuming is perhaps the easiest way to keep your pool clean. Periodical vacuuming will help to turn a dull pool into a shiny one. Attach the vacuum head to a pole and then latch vacuum hose to the head. Lower the vacuum head and pole into your pool. Later, connect your hose to the skimmer.

There are two kinds of vacuum heads you can purchase. Consider the one with wheels if you own a concrete pool. Vinyl lined pools require heads that have brushes instead of wheels. How do you choose the best vacuum head? Check the design of the head.

Consider using a triangular design if you own a curvy pool. Width of the head must also be considered. Determine the level of your physical ability and storage space. Heads with smaller diameter require less space and are easy to handle.

Leaf Nets

Leaf nets make excellent pool cleaning equipment during fall and spring season. You can also use them over a solid winter cover. Leaf nets can be laid over the pool either tightly or loosely. Spring and fall seasons may require you to fasten the nets with Bungie cords, cover water bags, or twine that is connected to the grommets.

Pool nets are very light and easy to handle. You can single-handedly install and remove these nets from an average sized pool. Leaf nets help to keep your pool clean and will also prevent excess sunlight from reaching your pool.

Pool Brushes

Brushing is one of the most overlooked maintenance techniques. Brushing helps to clean algae and other dirt that is found on your pool’s wall. Brushing once a week will help you remove tough dirt that cannot be removed through vacuuming.

You can even avoid slick film and slimy walls with brushing. Consider using stainless steel brushes for concrete pools. Vinyl pools and above ground pool require plastic bristle brushes. You can even find special brushes that can navigate the steps and pool corners.


pool pump motor

Pool filters help to sift larger impurities that accumulate in your pool. These filters are available in three types.

Sand: This basic filter form is inexpensive and requires more maintenance. You will need to clean this filter every fortnight. It has a filtering ability of 20 to 40-micron filtering size.

Cartridge: This next level filter will prevent particles of 10 to 15 microns. You will only need to clean this about two times in a season.

Diatomaceous Earth or DE: It is the best quality filter you can find. It has a unique exoskeleton grid system that can filter particles as small as two to five microns. You will need to clean this according to the water pressure in your pump.

Pumice Stone

It is another superb pool cleaning equipment you can use to clean localized deposits or stains on your concrete pool. Pumice stone is a porous, light, and smooth lava stone that you can rub over the surface of a stain. Pumice stone blocks are also available. You can attach these to your tele-pole and swim with it. Use it to remove algae, cement stains, and calcium deposits.

Pool cleaning is an activity that must be done periodically. You can have a clean pool by possessing the right pool cleaning equipment. You will have to determine your pool’s structure, the material used for construction, and other factors before purchasing cleaning equipment.

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