Your pool design has to be complemented with appropriate tiles. But when it comes down to choosing one, you might be in a fix. The problem is that you have too many options to select from. So, which one is the best fit for your pool? If you need a distinctive look for your Redding pool, go with waterline tile, which gives the perfect finish to your pool build. It makes the water look luminous, shiny, and clear. They come in a variety of colors, so you can add some color pop to your pool.

Types of Tiles

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are the most expensive options around, but they have high durability. In addition, they are transparent and non-porous, which makes it a good fit for swimming pools. They are also a few of the most popular tiling options.

The best part of the glass tile ingredients is that you can shape them into practically anything. Glass tiles also come in small sizes, which you can use to create a mosaic pattern and cover even curved surfaces of the pool.

For your waterline tile, the pool designer can use different colors and create a color scheme that looks brilliant underwater. Some glass tiles are iridescent and shimmer when light hits them.  On the other hand, you can get an upscale look by using glass tiles with more shine, color, and depth.

Stone Tiles

swimming pools mosaic tile

Enhance the look of pools in classical or Mediterranean styles with a stone tile. Stone tiles look natural, textured, and suit your patio or deck perfectly.

If you use the same type of stone tiles for pool coping, you can create a uniform appearance. You can get a mesmerizing overall effect with stone waterline borders.

Stone tiles are available in many design elements like slate, flagstone, bluestone, sandstone, travertine, and semi-polished granite. However, using travertine for a saltwater pool is not advisable as it is porous in nature and can get damaged from salt water.

Ceramic and Porcelain TilesPool Finishes

Ceramic and porcelain mosaic tiles have always been the favorite pool options for years. Unlike glass tiles, these tiles are hand-painted, which goes to add to their charismatic look.

Besides, they can withstand outdoor elements and are highly durable. Cleaning and maintenance of ceramic and porcelain tiles are simple. They are smooth on the surface and also take less time to install.

Current designs also include textured models which can blend into any landscape. With texturized, glazed porcelain tiles, you can get more bold and exciting patterns to your pool waterline.

Maintenance of Waterline Tile

Your waterline tile maintains your pool looking great and in good condition. But, due to hard water entering the pool, calcium could build up around the borders.

Your pool borders prevent pollen, body oils, sunscreen, and other chemicals from entering the pool. Otherwise, these create permanent white rings that are difficult to remove.

Hence, maintaining your waterline tile is of the utmost importance. Whether it is your pool maintenance or choosing the tile options, our designers can help you. Feel free to contact Premier Pools and Spas of Redding for any pool related query.


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