Winter is that one season during the year when nature’s color palette tends to become duller. This is true for this is true for towns and cities all across the country, even southern places like Pensacola.

If your backyard is being drained of its usual color as winter approaches, or you simply just want to brighten it up a bit regardless, here are a few ways that you can add some color to your outdoor spaces.
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Add Color To Your Pensacola Oasis With Furniture

Along with your swimming pool, your tables and outdoor seating are oftentimes the focal parts of your backyard. As a result, adding color to your seating arrangements is one of the most effective ways that you can add much needed color to your backyard.

However, if changing out your entire outdoor seating arrangement can seem like too much of a hassle (and most likely too costly as well), there is a more convenient and more cost effective alternative. Simply switching your cushions and pillows to ones with different colors can be a great way to introduce some much needed color in your backyard. So get rid of those brown, gray, or tan cushions and pillows and get some more “fun” colors into the mix.

Add Color To Your Pensacola Oasis With Paint

Now no one is asking you to repaint your entire house – that would be just silly. Instead what you could do to bring some color into your backyard is simply paint one of your garden walls or one of your exterior walls with an attention-grabbing color.


We’re not giving you permission to go ahead and paint your wall bubblegum pink or some other outrageous color. Instead, what you should be doing is trying your best to choose a complementary color.

Take a look at your backyard from various angles with various color samples in hand and try to complement some or all of the key features in your backyard – the swimming pool, your plants, or your furniture.

Add Color To Your Pensacola Oasis With Décor

Sometimes it’s the “little” things that matter the most. What this means is that oftentimes even minor changes to your backyard can breathe new life into the area and make it feel fresh and new again.

If your backyard has potted plants (and if it doesn’t then you should really go out and get some) then changing your flower pots is a great way to add color to your backyard. If you have leafy plants that are known for their greenness, you can complement them by giving them flower pots that have “odd” colors like vermilion, magenta, cyan, etc.


Outdoor rugs and decorative tiles are a great way to inject some color into “your backyard. While the ground is usually neglected from a decorative standpoint outdoors (durability is often more important than style in Pensacola), outdoor rugs can be both durable and stylish while many decorative tiles can withstand years of wear and tear.

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