A green pool sets the right tone for a St. Patrick’s Day backyard party. Though it is right to go green for this day, you must be skeptical about dyeing your pool green. After seeing the Chicago River dyed in green, many pool owners want to replicate the look in their backyard. The results may not be to your liking. While coloring the pool itself needs 45 pounds of dye, it is the cleaning of the aftermath that’s truly exhausting.

Should You Dye Your Pool for St. Patrick’s Day?green pool

Ask any pool expert, the answer will be a big ‘No’. Well, you wouldn’t want gallons of green dye being thrown into your pool. Also, adding dye substances or chemicals can alter the pH levels and chlorine balance of your pool water.

As a result, the water may get infested with bacteria. After dyeing, the color and texture of pool water may also turn green and murky. So, instead of dyed green, it will become dirty green. Now, you can’t hold a party alongside a pool that’s dirty.

Above all, the unbalanced water of your pool can make you ill. The recreational waterborne diseases can catch you if you accidentally swallow this infested pool water. Imagine swimming in contaminated water, it can be worse. Sometimes, people also get an infection from breathing around a contaminated pool.

The Risk of Pool Damage

When you create a green pool by using chemical dyes, you put your pool to extreme risk of damage. Dyeing the pool can damage your property. The tiles and deck will need extensive hours of scrubbing to remove the color.

You can avoid all this damage by looking for other ideas to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day theme party. Dyeing can be a time-consuming chore that requires major cleanup afterward.

How Can You Dye Your Pool Without Damage?

putting green

Putting green: Image frontgate.com

Having a green pool is just the right thing for St. Patrick’s Day. Unless you’re ready to indulge in a back-breaking cleanup, it is not advisable to use dyes in your pool. So, what else can you do to color your pool for a themed party? Well, there are colored LED pool and spa lights that you can use.

The pool lights create the desired effect in the pool by turning it green. Without actually dyeing the pool water, you can make your pool look green with lighting arrangement. LED lighting is bright, warm, and save up to 86% of your electricity bills.

To have fun on St. Patrick’s Day in your backyard, dye is the last thing that you need. You can create the right theme by choosing all other party elements in green color. Serve green beverages in green cups to your guests.

Cook up green delicacies and also add green balloons to your pool. If you are planning to add some interesting pool accessories, prefer them in green color to match the theme of the party.

So, get in the party mood for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations without damaging your pool. To make your pool ready for the day, call the experts for their help.