The backyard area is not only about soaking in the sun. It is, rather, the perfect place to relax in a shady spot away from harsh sun rays. So, add a shade to your backyard. This shade allows fresh air without keeping you under the direct sunlight. Also, it adds the element of privacy to your backyard and pool area. Here are the ways to add shade in Austin backyard:


shade in Austin

Plant a Natural Shade

Trees and shrubs can be the best way to add proper shade and privacy to your backyard. When planted near the patio, they offer ample natural shade even on bright sunny days. Natural plantations not only prevent outdoor noises but also add a tropical feel to your property.

To create a natural shade in Austin, choose the species such as cottonwood, dawn redwood, and red maple that grow by 1-2 feet every year.

With these species, you can get a perfect shade for your backyard without an endless wait. However, when planting the trees and shrubs in your garden, keep them at a distance from your swimming pool else they may drop dry leaves and twigs into it. Plants close to the pool may also cause damage with root growth over the years.

Backyard Shade Structures

Build a Pergola

Although it seems intimidating, building a gazebo or pergola is a simple solution to add shade in Austin. When designing this structure, make sure that the main pillars are placed in cement or firmly secured in the ground to withstand vagaries of Texas weather. You can choose custom fabricated solar shading panels for filtered shade under the pergola. Get as creative as you want with the top boards and shade.

Add An Umbrella

If you want a cost-effective solution for a shade, go back to basics. Celebrate the heydays near your swimming pool and take a respite from the heat under a retro old styled umbrella. It screams vintage if you choose earthy tones or classic zigzag motives. Depending on the size of your backyard and deck, you can buy a medium-sized or oversized umbrella to cover the entire living space.

Use the Canopies

A retractable canopy is not only beautiful but also a highly functional source of shade in your backyard. It offers endless opportunities to select the fabric, design, and style of the canopy. The basic details like a simple track system, wire cable, hooks, and outdoor fabric remain the same. But, you can experiment a lot with the colorful and pattern fabrics to add your personality to your space.

BBshade in Austin

Cover the Patio

When looking for a permanent solution, cover the patio in your backyard. A covered patio offers ample space for enjoying in your outdoor kitchen and living room when the sun is blazing hot. You can add wall fans to your patio to keep it cool from the inside during the hot summer days. Adding heavy curtains can also help to block the sun rays. You can open or close the curtain as you wish to enjoy both privacy and sunshine.

With a surge in the concept of outdoor living, making these small upgrades can enhance the value of your home and make your backyard a beautiful oasis.


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