Having a Palm Desert custom inground is a treat for the entire family. But you have to admit it; it’s costly doing weekly pool maintenance. Ensuring it stays well-maintained and clean, on the other hand, will bring days of never-ending fun. But you can do a good job by training yourself on DIY pool maintenance, making the effort to keep the pool clean using an automatic pool cleaner, and scheduling the time for pool care. The following DIY pool maintenance tips can help make maintenance easier. The best part is that you most likely already have the equipment and tools you need around your home.

DIY Pool Maintenance

Here are some DIY pool maintenance tips to consider:

Pool skimming

Most pools are outside the house. For this reason, the water is often exposed to all types of flying debris and dirt. You can easily remove floating debris, like bugs, leaves, and other impurities, in the pool by using a leaf or hand skimmer to skim the surface.

Cleaning the pool filter

It’s also essential that you continually inspect and clean the pool filter of any dirt or grime to avoid clogging.

Pool brushing

You need to get the pool brush and clean your pool’s steps, floor, and walls of any grime or stain. Focus on places with poor water flow such as stairs. You should do this at least once every week.

DIY Pool Maintenance

Balance the pH

You can use water test strips to test the pH level of your pool water. The level of pH should range from 7.2 – 7.6. If it’s acidic or lower, you can increase its alkalinity using a pH increaser. Alternatively, if the pool water has a higher pH, you can use a pH decreaser to lower the alkalinity.

Pool vacuuming

There are several kinds of pool vacuum; however, for DIY pool maintenance, you should use either a robotic pool vacuum or a manual pool vacuum. You can do this at least once every week.

Pool disinfecting

Chlorine helps gets rid of microbes in the water. You should add chlorine to the swimming pool as directed on the manufacturer’s label. Just in case the swimming pool is dirtier than usual, remove any contamination by shocking the water.

Use a tennis ball to remove oil

Oil from hair products and sunscreen can build up in the swimming pool over time. Placing tennis balls in the pool is an efficient way to get rid of this oil from the water surface. You can leave them overnight and they’ll soak up all the excess oil. The next day, you need to remove all the tennis balls, as well as the trapped oils from the swimming pool. Even with a pool cover, make sure that the balls tennis balls have adequate room to float around from beneath.

DIY Pool Maintenance

DIY Pool Maintenance – Conclusion

Your swimming pool in Palm Desert should help you relieve stress, not stress you out. Get ready to enjoy summer while also maintaining an appealing pool just by using simple DIY pool maintenance tips. If pool maintenance still seems like a headache, do not worry. Just call Premier Pools & Spas of Palm Desert expert pool technicians and we would be glad to help maintain your pool. So the only thing you should concern yourself with is perfecting your Water Polo skills.

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