Swimming pools are the ideal escape from your busy life. They are also the ideal excuse to invite friends over for a party. This is the time for you to take that next step and construct your Santa Clarita dream pool and outdoor space. The memories and moments that will last your entire life begin once that swimming pool has water in it. That brings us to one of the most common questions: How long does swimming pool building take? There are lots of factors that play a big role in determining the length of time it will need to construct your pool. This will include the type of pool you’re installing, permits, weather and property/building site.

Swimming Pool Building

Here’s a look at the different factors which can affect your swimming pool building timeline.

Choosing the new site for the pool:

Your pool’s location can be a factor in the timeline of the pool project. If the land is hard to access or traverse, the project timeline needs adjustment accordingly.

The type of swimming pool:

This can have a huge impact on the length of time it will take to construct. The reason being, installation time differs a lot between a concrete pool and a fiberglass pool. Fiberglass pools are pre-molded, meaning the installation will take a couple of days since they come pre-constructed.

The benefit of a concrete pool is that there different shapes and sizes to choose from. But you should remember that the more complex shapes may take a longer time to construct, often up to 60 days or more.

Swimming Pool Building

Your swimming pool building process is only one stage of the task, naturally, you will want to landscape the new pool space and make it your own. The best part is that your backyard oasis is ready to use once it is installed. This means you’re free to tweak and adjust your landscaping at any time.

Delays due to weather:

Fluctuations in temperature and weather are often the leading reason for building delays. Warm sunny weather is perfect for concrete to dry. Rain isn’t most favorable. Premier Pools & Spas will do everything possible to make sure your swimming pool building process is smooth.

Pool, water feature, patio and deck:

Your pool, landscaping, water feature, deck/patio, and summer kitchen design options will impact the timeline of your project. Special order pavers or finishes, custom detailed tile work, and additional improvements that bring your dream outdoor space to life also play a part in your project’s timeline. It’s important to get the details right the first time, and we’ve got a fantastic team willing to use actual site photography to create a 3D Model of your project.

Swimming Pool Building

Swimming Pool Building – It is time to Install a Pool!

Typically, it can take 8 to 12 weeks to finish your swimming pool building project. But this will depend on any changes to our plan during the building process or considerable delays due to weather. Once our professionals use the images from your outdoor space to go through the 3D Modeling process, we can provide you with a very precise estimate. Always keep in mind, the primary consideration is to hire Premier Pools & Spas of Santa Clarita pool builders. When you hire us as your pool contractor in Santa Clarita, CA, you and your loved ones will have a wonderful new yard to enjoy for years to come.

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