For active families or outdoor lovers in New Orleans, an inground pool can make the best addition to an outdoor space. Homeowners in search of a low-cost inground choice often go for a fiberglass pool. These pools never require resurfacing, are simple to clean and elegant. Fiberglass inground swimming pool prices will always change with how large the pool will be and the number of additional features to install.

Fiberglass Inground Swimming Pool Prices

What’s the cost of a fiberglass inground pool?

The price of all inground pools varies greatly based on your preferred options. However, as a rough estimate, you may pay approximately $ 50,000 for a fully installed standard fiberglass swimming pool. This is a little more than a gunite pool and even more than vinyl-liner.

The price of the actual swimming pool shell is a lot less, probably $10, 000 to $30, 000, depending on size and features. Given that the shells are delivered to your door intact, they are often simpler to install than other types of pools.

But even with the higher fiberglass inground swimming pool prices that come with expert installation, these pools can often be cheaper.

Factors affecting fiberglass inground swimming pool prices include;

  • Filling the pool
  • Filter pump and pool shell
  • The pool’s installation
  • Any shipping charges
  • Digging and backfill

Lots of factors impact the costs for installing s fiberglass pool. These include the fees for county or city permits, removal of bushes or trees during site preparation, and the pool’s size. Usually, the pool size determines labor costs.

Fiberglass Inground Swimming Pool Prices

Why a fiberglass swimming pool may still provide the perfect deal

The good thing about these shells is that they are non-porous and durable. Fiberglass will last for a long time for all intentions and uses, while gunite and vinyl need remodeling or replacement regularly, at a very high cost. You may get fortunate with a gunite pool that will last for many years, but most likely, you are looking at another costly project in the long run.


Fiberglass pools need less chemical treatment as well, a key maintenance cost of any pool. Since fiberglass pools are non-porous, they are more resistant to algae as well.  You can save a lot of money annually because of using fewer chemicals.

Other factors to consider include

You can personalize your pool and make it more fun with the help of extra accessories. Items that add to fiberglass inground swimming pool prices include pool covers, pool toys, heat pumps, pool lighting, diving boards, pool enclosures, pool slides, pool toys, pool vacuums, handrails and ladders.

Benefits of fiberglass pools

A fiberglass swimming pool provides several benefits over other pool types. It does not need liner replacements like vinyl pools, and contrary to concrete pools, it doesn’t need resurfacing. Since fiberglass is not very porous, it is resistant to the growth of algae. This means hassle-free cleaning and vacuuming. The material does not corrode as well. So it is the best swimming pool material for salt-purification systems. Since fiberglass pools come with non-abrasive, smooth shells; they provide a comfy surface for bare feet.

Fiberglass Inground Swimming Pool Prices

Fiberglass Inground Swimming Pool Prices – Conclusion

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