Residents of Marin want to make sure their fiberglass pool maintenance is taken care of. Once you have put out the time, money and effort to create your ideal pool, you want to make sure you keep it in shape. In this article, we are going to talk more about fiberglass pool maintenance and how to keep your pool looking good and functioning in top condition.

fiberglass pool maintenance

Fiberglass Pool Maintenance Tips for Pool Owners

While installing your pool and getting everything set up in your backyard may have been an adventure in itself, it is time to get down to fiberglass pool maintenance now. If you do not take care of your new pool, you may find yourself dealing with colors you don’t like such as green. Green from algae and green from having to put out hard-earned money to fix a problem that didn’t have to happen.

#1 – Use a Pool Cover

fiberglass pool maintenance

You can save yourself a lot of extra work if you get a pool cover. Whether you get a heavy duty pool cover or you get one that is cheaper, it is better than not having one at all. Pool covers will keep you from having to take as much time skimming and vacuuming your pool. While you might not think there is a lot of debris around your yard that will get into the pool, it will find its way there from elsewhere.

#2 – Check Your Water Chemistry

As you are working on your fiberglass pool maintenance, you need to make sure your water chemistry is at the proper levels. You can check this yourself or if you are worried you won’t get it right, you can call in a professional pool service. Another option is to take a sample of your pool water to a local pool store. Many of them will be glad to test the water for free. You may be asked to purchase a product and that depends on the specific store’s policy.

#3 – Run Your Pool Filter

fiberglass pool maintenance

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Since running your pool filter is going to take a considerable amount of electricity, you may be wondering how long you have to run your filter. While the ideal time to run your filter is 24/7, you can usually get away with 10-12 hours per day.

Your goal with running your pool filter is to have all of your pool water run through the filter at least once per day. Most pool filters can cycle the water through 2-3 times in a 24 hour time period and that is why you should be able to get by with 10-12 hours per day. If you are still worried about the electric bill, you can ask your local electric supply which times of days are the offpeak times for using electric since it will be cheaper to run your filter at that time.

Fiber Glass Pool Maintenance Conclusion

Once you learn how to take care of your pool, it is simple and easy to do. If you put some music on while you’re doing the task, you can make it even more fun. If you need help with anything pool related, make sure to give us a call and we will be glad to help you.

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