Fiberglass Pool Sizes to Suit Any Backyard

Did you know? Fiberglass pool sizes are quite varied! You’ve always dreamed of having a swimming pool, but you assume your backyard is too small. Or, perhaps you think a small pool wouldn’t provide the features you’ve been dreaming of. Or maybe you’ve got lots of space, but you’re not sure about the length of time it takes to build a gunite pool. You want something big, but you want it fast.

As of late, there has been an increase in demand for fiberglass pools. One of the reasons fiberglass is a popular choice is due to the size variations available.

Fiberglass pools are also easier and faster to install, which is beneficial for several reasons. A fiberglass pool is quicker to obtain since the pool shell is manufactured offsite. This means that you get your pool quicker, and there is less disruption to both your backyard and your neighbors.

Fiberglass pool sizes range from small to jumbo. With Premier Pools & Spas as your custom pool builder, you can get an in-ground pool to fit any corner of your backyard.

Small Fiberglass Pools

Small pools, also called spools, are becoming more popular, as people who are living in compact areas desire the same outdoor relaxation options as homeowners with large yards.

Small fiberglass pool sizes are less than 26 feet in length and around 12 feet in width. The smallest pool shells are in the range of 20 feet by 10 feet. If your site is too tiny, you can get a fiberglass pool as small as 15 feet by 8 feet, with customization.

When you need a couple of laps or a soak in the pool, petite fiberglass pools are up to the task. Limit the play area to get the most out of a small pool and use underwater LED lighting to enhance the visual effects and make your pool look larger.

Small Fiberglass Pool

Medium Fiberglass Pools

If a small pool seems too tiny, go for a medium fiberglass pool size that is about 14 feet in width and 30-35 feet in length. Each manufacturer’s dimensions vary, so make sure to ask for the exact measurements.

The longer side allows you to include add-ons, which you can select prior to your pool build. There are plenty of attractive and fun features available, such as bubblers and jets.

Medium-sized fiberglass pools can be rectangular pools that are ideal for exercising, or they can be enhanced with hardscapes to resemble a natural pond. A medium-sized, simple rectangular pool can be complemented with a raised spa or tiered waterfall.

Medium Fiberglass Pool

Large Fiberglass Pools

Any fiberglass pool that is over 35 feet by 15 feet is considered a large pool. The maximum length can be 40 feet or more, in some rare cases.

At this size, a fiberglass pool shell will allow you to incorporate elaborate features and designs. There is ample room for a wading pool, Baja shelf, and a spa. You can even have a beach entrance and in-pool seating for lounging and socializing.

With additional space, you could opt for a sunken seating area in the middle of the pool. This is a perfect selection for lounging and sharing cocktails with friends.

Large Fiberglass Pool

How to Pick the Right Size for Your Fiberglass Pool

Which fiberglass pool sizes might work for you? To determine the right fiberglass pool size for any space, consider:

The backyard area: A small pool in a massive yard may be underwhelming, so, choose the right size based on the available area.

Your budget: Large pools don’t necessarily mean a huge investment. If there is plenty of space, consider a larger pool with minimal additions, which will give you more swimming space.

Zonal regulations: The zoning and building code regulations may vary based on your location. Make sure to account for setback requirements, sloping, soil type, etc.

For further questions on fiberglass pool sizes or to get started on your new pool build, contact us today! Premier can even help with financing your dream pool.

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