tanning ledge with lounge chairs One of the decisions you will be making when choosing to build a pool is how you will enter and exit the water. There are several options outside of the typical pool ladder. One idea is to include a tanning ledge in your new pool or pool remodel.

A tanning ledge, also known as a tanning shelf, Baja shelf, or sun shelf, allows swimmers to utilize their pool for recreation, without fully entering the water.

Tanning ledges are not just a fancy way to enter a pool. Cozy tanning ledges are used for relaxing and socializing. Pool owners can place lounge chairs on the ledge, which is ideal for enjoying your pool while reading or even taking a nap. A tanning ledge can even serve as a mini patio, allowing you to enjoy a beverage while keeping your feet in the cool water.

Tanning ledges are ideal for children who are just establishing a comfort level with pool water, or for adults with physical challenges that prevent them from utilizing ladders for water entry.

Your favorite canine will also enjoy having easy access to your swimming pool. A tanning ledge is perfect for smaller dogs or pets who enjoy the pool but don’t necessarily relish jumping in.

How Big Should a Tanning Ledge Be?

tanning ledge in pool One reason tanning ledges are so popular is that they can fit into just about any pool design. The shape can be customized to fit your pool, whether it’s geometric, freeform, or another shape.

Whether you have a fiberglass pool or a gunite pool, your tanning ledge will likely be at least five feet wide. This allows you to utilize the space for lounge chairs or additional pool features such as fountains.

The depth of most tanning ledges is approximately nine inches to up to 18 inches, allowing for activities that are challenging at deeper depths.

Your pool builder can help you select the ideal tanning ledge size for your swimming pool, based on your personal needs.

Customizing Your Tanning Ledge

tanning ledge with chairs While a tanning ledge provides a unique way to enjoy your pool, it can also be the ideal space for additional swimming pool features, which help individualize your backyard sanctuary.

Lounge chairs, lights, and patio umbrellas are popular add-ons for tanning ledges. You can take your tanning ledge to the next level by adding bubblers, waterfalls, or soothing spa jets. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Are you ready to build your new swimming pool, or redesign your existing pool? Premier Pools & Spas can discuss the possibilities. Whether you include a tanning ledge, waterfalls, or a spa for the ultimate in relaxation, contact your nearby Premier builder today, and we will help you bring your dreams to life.