Once you have become an expert in interior decor for your North Georgia home, why not try exterior decor? Whether you’ve transformed your outdoor space, or you’ve yet to hire a landscaping service for your outdoor space, you are ready to consider the next step: selecting the design aesthetics and a backyard color scheme for your yard. Consider your North Georgia backyard as your home’s extension. You want the place to be inviting! Somewhere to relax and soak up the sun or to entertain family and friends. The right backyard color scheme for your outdoor space can make your area so much more fun.

backyard color scheme

Before you select a backyard color scheme, consider your color tastes. Color will considerably affect your mood. We often have hues that we greatly like and don’t like. Furthermore, consider the colors in your outdoor space and how they can match with your backyard.

Here are some ideas on how to pick a backyard color scheme:

Consider simplicity:

When doubtful, think about a simplistic approach, like a neutral color scheme that will go with your patio and home’s color. This helps to make your pool and yard’s colors really “pop.” Do you feel as though that is a bit too plain? Think about a bright accent color, such as orange or red, or a neutral striped pattern for the patio furniture. Or, if you want a more relaxed ambiance of the sea, you could try combining some turquoise or pale blue as an accent shade.

A modern choice:

If you love bright colors and want your backyard to really feel vibrant and ready for night fun, color blocking may be a trend to consider. The trend deals with matching bright colors of opposite shades. For a bold look, you can try pairing blues and oranges or greens and purples.

backyard color scheme

A cohesive selection:

If your house is an assortment of fabrics from your family antiques, knickknacks, and travels, then an eclectic backyard color scheme might be the best extension of your property. Search for mismatched materials, fabrics, and patterns with a range of neutral and bright colors.

Carefully placing colors:

Some shades are available in standard in backyards, like grey and brown to account for metal furniture, walkways, and concrete. Not forgetting the pre-existing greenery outdoors. Modern homes will use color to either create dramatic contrast by selecting different colors or accent these naturally taking place colors to contrast by altogether.

Think about using color touches such as dark green or purple planters. They will attractively accentuate the shades that already exist in your North Georgia backyard space.

When you mix your preferred color scheme using some natural colors, it can help to create balance in a backyard area and not overwhelm your guests.

backyard color scheme

Backyard Color Scheme – Time to Get Started!

If you’ve not hired a landscaping service for your North Georgia backyard, contact Premier Pools & Spas of North Georgia today. We’ll help you create and maintain your dream backyard so you can make the most out of your outdoor space.

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