If you’ve always wanted a Gulf Coast backyard pool but have a small area to work with, it might be important to think about building a small pool. Spools are available in various sizes and shapes. They can be a perfect option to a huge backyard pool if you have limited space.

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With some strategic and stunning landscaping and a lot of different sized plants, it’s possible to create the impression of depth. This will make your spool look as welcoming as any swimming pool in the neighborhood. Whether you’re attracted to linear shapes like rectangles or squares, or like something more curved traditional and curved, Premier Pools & Spas have a solution to suit your needs.

Here are reasons why you should consider building a small pool,

Small pool is affordable

You will save a lot on maintenance and upkeep with a small swimming pool; however, Installing a small pool can cost you less from the beginning. Since a small swimming pool uses fewer materials, it will also have a lower cost. The same applies to installation. Building a spool will not only be less expensive, but it will also be less time-consuming to build as well.

Building a Small Pool

Spools are stylish

Since the small pool will probably occupy less outdoor space, installing a stylish swimming pool will really transform your backyard’s look and your property as a whole. So if you are not pleased with your backyard at all, installing a spool as a remodeling project will help provide it with a complete transformation and enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Advantages of building a small pool:

When you have any type a pool or spool, you’re offering yourself important health benefits, both mental and physical. When you have a pool you can minimize stress and make yourself to experience happiness. It’s worth the work having a spool in your small Gulf Coast backyard. While the reduction of stress is a huge advantage when you have a swimming pool, there are lots of more advantages like being able to workout in low impact surroundings. This will help you start reducing body calories and start seeing a reduction on your waistline. They are good focal points for get-together events. If you don’t have a huge crowd that want to be in the swimming pool, spools are great for pool parties.

Less maintenance

Can you believe that often people get spools even if they do have plenty of backyard space? The reason is straightforward: building a small pool means taking less care of it.

It means you will have less space to cover when cleaning up, which means you will save time. Having a spool also means you’ll use fewer water balancing chemicals. Overall, you can save plenty of energy, water, chemicals and cleaning supplies, when owning a spool.

Building a Small Pool

Install Your Spool Today!

If you have a small space and are thinking about building a small pool and knowing about the benefits a spool might bring to your lifestyle, give Premier Pools & Saps of Gulf Coast a call today!

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