A pool is something added to your home for relaxation or a simple stay-cation. Why not go all out to give it the tropical or natural feel you want it to have? Pools with waterfalls give a calming vibe to any backyard space. They also give out a special ambiance to your home, providing you with a fun and relaxing time to spend with your family and friends.

Pools with Waterfalls

Pool construction isn’t always a one time thing, there are certain things that can be added to your pool to give a better look and greater value. Even if your planning on building a pool for the first time, water features are something to think about. It adds on to your pool for the better and will be worth it in the end! Pools with waterfalls and other additional features are key to an outstanding look to your pool environment. Along with the beautiful landscape and outdoor furniture.

There are a number of features that can be added to your pool, such as:

  • Pool waterfalls with Fire
  • A Spa Waterfall
  • Sheer Descents
  • Deck Jets
  • Laminar Jets
  • Bubblers
  • A Grotto
  • Water Pots
  • Spa Spillways
  • Rim Flows
  • Rock Waterfall
  • Rock Waterfalls
  • Infinity Edges/vanishing Edges
  • Decorative Fountains

These are a few of many things that can give your pool a more modern elegance. It can be a place for you to be able to get away and relax. You can also throw the best pool parties among your friends. You can add a spa to your pool and create a one circulation filter system and add a waterfall in between the two pools. A Grotto is where you can have an additional part to your pool, and it’s like a cave, not exactly separate from the whole pool but an excluded area for a few people to hang out.

Adding a water feature to your pool

Water features give a wide range of benefits to any backyard project. From multi-teared stacked stone walls to small fountains, the calming sound of pool water adds dimension to any project. Incorporated with water features, lighting can offer beautiful visual effects, any time of the day.

Water features require calculations and planning to generate the preferred sound, volume and sound of water. Most of our customers who constructed their own swimming pool have included water features to their backyard oasis, and you can as well!

The team at Premier Pools and Spas knows no two projects are similar, and with their immense expertise, you are certain to get a backyard space will please you for a long time.

Benefit of water features

  • Helps create a surface that keeps the swimming pool clean
  • Creates a point of interest for the outdoor space and swimming pool
  • Aerates the pool water, adding oxygen to the swimming pool
  • Calming sounds of running water, as soft as you want
  • Gives the swimming pool area a face lift, making the pool to stand out!

Pools with Waterfalls

Call the Experts!

Grottos and waterfalls were previously items only available at high-end resorts and spas. Today, it’s easy to add either of these pool features to your swimming pool design. Since you know the atmosphere pools with waterfalls and other water features can bring; our pool experts are here to help you get rolling on that project today. At Premier Pool Builders, we can even add one to your existing in-ground pool. We are the best in building pools with waterfalls.

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