Owning a pool in your Gulf Coast home will greatly increase the value of your property. Gunite inground pools are an inspiring item that a lot of people dream of owning. So it always looks great to have some type of pool on your property. It’s even better if it’s a gunite inground pool.

Gunite Inground Pools

Why choose gunite? Every swimming pool material has pros and cons. However, the unique gunite features are attracting a lot of people to choose it for their pools.

Here are some pros of choosing gunite:

  • Easy to customize: Like concrete, gunite is easy to manipulate before drying. This is coupled with the fact that building of gunite inground pools happens on site. It helps make it simple to shape the pools based on the client’s preferences.
  • Durability: While concrete is matchless when it comes to durability, the overall lifespan of gunite inground pools is amazing. Gunite is also resistant to damage and pressure.
  • Reputation: Most homeowners view the material as not only being almost as hard-wearing as traditional concrete but also a little more high-status.


The excavation should be perfectly level, with the depth carefully managed based on the design.

Reinforcement and forms

It’s time-consuming work that needs professional expertise, and precise work. This stage is important for making the swimming pool stand up to the harsh winter months.

Gunite Inground Pools


Installations and testing of all plumbing take place during and after the construction of the reinforcing grid. Our professionals will ensure that this stage gets done flawlessly. This is to prevent expensive repairs after the project is complete.

Gunite spraying

A skilled Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast gunite technician, sprays the concrete mixture over the reinforcing structure. Beginning with the walls, and finishing with the pool floor. Before curing, the gunite is first smoothed to prepare it for the surface materials. Other work goes on during the curing period. This will include decking and installation of mechanical systems.

Tiling, coping and edging

After the period of curing is over, the professionals install caps, coping, decorative tile borders and other elements. While this continues, cleaning and additional work go on.


The final step of building gunite inground pools is to apply the finishing materials to the interior of the swimming pools. Details such as inset and mosaic designs are finished during plastering. What follows is the addition of finish fixtures for underwater lighting and plumbing. After that, the pool technicians allow the materials to cure completely.


Finally, the swimming pool is filled with water and systems tested. Now is time for you and your family to enjoy your swimming season.

Gunite Inground Pools

Hire Premier Pools Professionals!

When you choose to invest in gunite inground pools, you will need to hire a professional pool builder. They will help with the design and construction of your Gulf Coast pool. With Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast, you can look forward to high-quality pool building services. Our building team is part of our staff. This means that you won’t worry about having inexperienced subcontractors working on your property. Together with a focus on quality, we remain devoted to offering affordable building. This is to help make your pool ownership dream a reality. Call Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast today to get started with your swimming pool project!

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