One of the most essential things to consider for any pool deck is the kind of material to work with. These include wood, stone, concrete pavers, tile, poured-in-place concrete, and brick. Concrete options for pool decking provide you with the most design flexibility when it comes to pattern, texture, and color. The material is also low maintenance and economical. The material you eventually choose for your Salt Lake City pool deck area will usually depend on several factors. These include how much effort and time you want to dedicate to maintenance and care. Also, the amount of traffic the pool deck will get, surrounding landscape, your budget, and availability of space.

concrete options for pool decking

Everything to Know About Concrete Options for Pool Decking

Decorative Concrete Choices:

This is the only material that provides you with the ability to choose the surface treatment, size, shape, and color for your deck. The choices range from exposed aggregate to plain broom-finished concrete, to imprinted patterns that imitate wood, brick, tile, and even natural stone. You can also design your concrete options for pool decking to make it the point of interest of your outdoor space. Try also matching it with the surrounding landscape.

Stamped concrete is the perfect option if you want pool decks that look like brick, flagstone or natural slate. When stamped concrete is colored with dry-shake color hardeners or stains, the material resembles real stone but is simpler to install and maintain. You can also use stamped concrete to match other decorative surface treatments, like borders, broom finishes, and exposed aggregate.

concrete options for pool decking

Colored Concrete:

Dry-shake hardeners, integral color, and chemical stains are the most common options for coloring concrete pool decks as well as other exterior concrete. Coloring often goes together with stamped concrete. They will let you precisely imitate the natural stone colors or any other material. For concrete options for pool decking, lighter shades are especially common since they reflect ultra-violet rays while keeping the surface cooler.

Stenciled Concrete:

A good option to decorative stamping while letting the same design flexibility is by stenciling a concrete pool deck. You can apply a stain or dry-shake color hardener to the exposed concrete prior to removing the stencil. By doing this, you will get the look of individual bricks or stones that have been grouted together. Stencils for concrete are available in a variety of patterns, which range from brick to stone, tile, and slate.

Concrete Pavers:

The best choice for pool decks is precast concrete pavers. This is because they are slip-resistant, durable and will offer the look of brick or natural stone. Concrete options for pool decking pavers are also available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. They will allow you to come up with design schemes that match the style and shape of your pool.

concrete options for pool decking

Concrete Options for Pool Decking – Conclusion

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