Want to double your Houston pool experience? Or, maybe you want your kids to enjoy the fun swim times you got to taste in your childhood. Then think about investing in diving boards for your pool.

The reasons to do this are plenty, but all of them have to do with having maximum enjoyment. Launching yourself into the sky and doing a cannonball into the refreshing water might be the best summer memory for most kids. It didn’t matter if you are swimming in a public pool, your own home pool, or a water hole in a secret hideaway, what you remember most is your plunge into the cool water. You can now replicate the same in your own pool with a diving board. But first, see which type of diving board you should get for your pool.

Types of Diving Boards

Rather than just jumping into the water from your pool deck, adding an extra bounce while you jump from a height is an exhilarating feeling. You might not get an Olympic diving tower at your home, but you can add a few steps and achieve the effect. Basically, there are two types of diving boards.


Why You Should Include a Diving Board to Your Swimming Pool Design?   1

Springboards have springs at their base, which gives you that extra bounce into the air. Some springs are visible, while others with a cantilever design have hidden springs. However, these are best for pools with a certain depth as you will be diving in from a height. Using them for shallow depths is very risky as you could injure yourself. Hence, these are less common in Houston homes.


The main difference is that they do not have springs like in springboards. These are the most common options for backyard pools. No matter what the design is, any diving board without springs might be considered as a platform. Here, the base is stationary. For this reason, you can see them in many designs like typical flat diving boards to stone slabs to diving rocks.

Selecting a Diving Board

The following considerations are essential while choosing a diving board:

Pool Type

Some diving boards work well with specific pool designs and styles. If you already know your pool type, it is well and good. Otherwise, take the advice of a professional pool builder in Houston to help you out. Your pool might be shallow on one end and more in-depth on the other. So, where to install your diving board also depends on this. Measure the pool depth and width in various spots.

Pool Features

pool features

If you haven’t gotten any water features for your pool, do not worry. You can get a diving board with a waterfall at the end. Similarly, there are many options to add beautiful LED light strips to your diving board. Make the most of these and get mood enhancing colorful LED lights and enjoy your late-night swims.

Material Used

Buying a non-slip diving board is crucial as you do not want to risk yourself from walking on a slippery surface. For these, natural stone or even wood can suit your needs. But, these do not have to be boring. You can get them in bright, contrasting colors, or designs which blend in with your pool style.

Resistance to Salt Corrosion

If you have a saltwater pool, then you need to get a diving board made of a material that is corrosion resistant. Otherwise, your installation gathers rust and makes the pool stained and unclean. Hence opt for manufactured products that are saltwater-pool-friendly.

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