It’s important to get your Houston pool cleaned on a regular basis. This will ensure safety and comfort of swimmers. Pool water that has floating debris invites bacteria and algae to breed on it. Cleaning pools once in per week prevent such unwelcome growths. It’s quite simple to clean a swimming pool. All you will need is some initiative to do the process.

Houston Pool

This is an exhausting job; however, if you wish to prevent the spread of several ailments, then cleaning is important. If your Houston pool is covered by shrubs or trees, you should regularly remove the leaves that fall in the pool water or cover your swimming pool.

Here’s how you can keep your Houston pool clean and safe;

Test the water regularly

Ensuring your Houston pool stays safe is more than protecting against accidents. You should keep the pool water clean, as well, so those using the pool do not become ill swimming in unclean water.

It is important that you test your pool water’s chemical balance to ensure it is up to par. To help keep your swimming pool safe, you should test the levels of pH and chlorine at least 2 times per week and every day if possible.

Clean your deck area

The Less mess there’s on your deck area, the fewer things that can be carried or blown into it. Sweeping the area surrounding your pool will help keep your Houston pool looking spotless.

Houston Pool

Check the fences

If you have a self-closing gate or a fence around your Houston pool, ensure they are safe. Inspect the fencing to ensure the spaces between the bottom rail and the ground and between each of its pickets are approximately 4 inches apart. Ensure also that the fence is at least 5 feet tall. This is to ensure animals and kids don’t climb over or squeeze through to get into an unsupervised swimming pool. Keep outdoor furniture and bushes away from the gate to keep unwanted visitors and kids from climbing on them to jump over the fence and into your Houston pool.

Keep the pool filter clean

Ensure you check, replace, clean your filters when they get dirty. If you are using a sand filter, ensure you backwash and clean the filter screens.

Vacuum, brush and skim routinely

There are loads of things out there that can enter your Houston pool. This will not only make the swimming pool look like a mess, but it can also make it harder for the chemicals to maintain clean water. Swimmers can take along oils, sunscreen and other things. There is sediment, leaves blowing in the air and dirt that can all make it much tougher for the filtration system to help keep stuff clean. So clean the surface of your pool using a hand skimmer, vacuum and brush the walls regularly. Remember to any debris or leaves to in the skimmer baskets.

Houston Pool

It’s Your Oasis! Keep it Looking Gorgeous

If you are not feeling up to the task, work with the best Premier Pools & Spas of Houston pool professional. In so doing you can spend more time having fun in your swimming pool and less time trying hard to keep the pool running.

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