Install soothing and colorful swimming pool lights around your poolscape to equip the area for use by night. Pool lights are considered an expensive pool accessory which ultimately uplifts your pool experience. Once installed, they are cumbersome to undo; hence, decide on the type of pool light to install, after careful consideration.

Types of Pool Lights

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As a pool owner, you have three choices of pool lights. These are halogen, fiber optic, and LED (Light-emitting diode). When compared to the latter, fiber optic lights are not durable while the halogen ones are not energy efficient. The fact that LED lights need fewer replacements, shine bright, and are energy efficient, makes them a popular choice.

LED’s have earned a reputation of being the best swimming pool lights for the below-mentioned reasons:

Sets High Standards

How an LED operates is quite intriguing. It passes small amounts of electricity to an extremely efficient and bright light-emitting diode. Since an LED is capable of passing current through different materials, it can emit an endless array of colors.

LED lights today have unique handheld user-friendly control systems. These remotes allow you to pre-program settings for turning your swimming pool lights on and off and even change their color. All these features set a high benchmark of standards for this industry.

Viable Long-Term Investment

Though you need to invest more in LED pool lights, they give you excellent value for money. Reason being, they have a longer life span, are energy efficient and low on maintenance. With less wattage, they produce the same brightness and only need replacement after approximately 50,000 hours of usage.

With LED lighting, there is no waste of energy as LED’s convert all of their energy into light rather than heat. It is also environment-friendly given the fraction of electricity LED bulbs require in comparison with halogen lights.

Increases Poolside Safety

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The addition of LED lights adequately illuminates the poolside making it safe for night swimming and entertaining guests at the end of the day. Proper lighting enables you to highlight blind spots such as the transition from stairs to walkways and pools to deck areas. Besides making it easier to navigate these areas, you can also monitor the movement of your children and pets as they run around the poolscape.

Provides a Visual Treat

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Using LED lights that glow in varied colors has a breathtaking visual appeal. You can even stream these colors together in such a manner to customize the effect as per your preference. The best part is LED lights highlight the most stunning features prevalent in your pool area like waterfalls, fountains, jets, spas, etc.

Source your LED swimming pool lights only from reputed distributors and manufacturers. This form of lighting satisfies both your practical and aesthetic requirements. Also, invest in appropriate lighting fixtures keeping in mind the primary purpose of use.

Take into consideration your pool size and design as well as your budget limitations while selecting pool lights. The number of lights you eventually install should also be proportionate to the coverage area.

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