The answer to how much a fiberglass inground pool costs is not an easy one. It is because the fiberglass inground pool prices depend on numerous factors. Hence, the best way to get its true cost is to avail a quote from a local contractor, or for better comparison, from several contractors.

But it is always wise to do some prior homework on your part before finally calling in a pool builder.

First, get a rough estimate to know whether you can afford the pool or not. Second, get an idea of the kinds of things a contractor requires to make a bid. In addition to this, the other aspects that affect the price of an inground pool must be taken into consideration.

Things that Affects the Price of an Inground Pool

There are many things that determine the cost of inground pool installation.

Fiberglass Pool Installation


One of the most important factors influencing the price of an inground pool is its size. It includes both the perimeter measurements as well as the pool’s depth. Shallower and smaller pools are slightly cheaper as compared to deeper, bigger ones.


If you live in an area with the high living of cost, you have to spend more money on pool installation. In addition to this, some pool areas have strict safety laws that need modifications and add-ons, which further increase the price of a pool.


The materials are chosen by you for creating a pool play a major role in determining its cost. Fiberglass and gunite are premium materials and cost more than vinyl.

DIY or Professional Installation

pool installation process

You can save a significant amount of money by doing some of the work yourself. There are some good inground pool kits available that offer you with all materials required for a quality installation. However, if you don’t wish to do the entire job by yourself, you must search for a contractor who can work with you.


With innumerable custom features available, you can customize your inground pool exactly as per your choice. From grottos, beach entries, to vanishing edges, and freeform shapes, you can select and design customizations that meet your budget and complement your landscape design. However, installing such customizations can increase the cost of your pool to $1, 00,000.

Consider Prices of Add-Ons

Add-ons definitely increase fiberglass inground pool prices more than the actual price of your pool. Some of the add-ons that can increase the cost of your swimming pool are as follows:


You might be tempted with the varieties of lighting configurations available for inground swimming pools. The more stylish lighting you opt, the higher will be the cost.


outdoor pool ideas

A safety fence is an important requirement for a pool. Moreover, the fencing must meet certain specifications, implying that it could increase the overall cost of pool installation.

Pool Automation

Various add-ons and technological upgrades are available, which makes pool maintenance easier. But they come at an extra cost.

Pool Covers

Pool covers can save heating costs to a great extent. Conventional pool covers were affordable but the new range is quite expensive.


If you add a spa to your existing pool design, it significantly increases the price.

There are numerous variable factors influencing the fiberglass inground pool prices. Hence, pick pool builders that offer you best deals at budgeted prices.

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