Looking out at your Lewiston backyard swimming pool can be an enjoyable experience, but what is even more fun is having a themed pool party. Pool parties allow you to share your with your friends and family so everyone can have an awesome Summer day. In this article, we are going to talk about how to throw an awesome themed pool party and some theme ideas.

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Pool Party Themes for Backyard Fun

Beach Pool Party

Everyone wants to be at the beach, but what is even better than going to the beach? Bringing the beach to your own backyard. No driving hours, looking for parking and not having the amenities that you need because you have your home right there.

It’s easy to set up  your own beach. Even if your pool doesn’t have a beach entry, you can get some sand from the store and set everything up so that you have an area with beach decor and fun beachy foods.


Grab some Hawaii theme accessories like grass, tiki torches, coconuts, bamboo accents and anything with bright tropical colors. You definitely do not want to forget the Hawaiian leis and a tropical playlist. You should also cook traditional Hawaiian dishes like doing a pig roast or fixing a pineapple ham.

pool party

Movie Night

You can get a projector and set it up so that you can enjoy a nice movie in the water. Think of your favorite classic movie and get movie night set up. Have everyone dress up as one of the characters in the movie for some extra fun.

Spa Day by the Pool

Hire someone to do massages and nails while you are by the pool so that you are able to enjoy a relaxing day without having to go anywhere. Besides that, you get to sit by the pool. Your guests will love this pool party. Make sure to get some luxurious towels and even some cute flip flops.

Mexican Fiesta

Mexican fiestas are so much fun. When you allow yourself to get lost in the music and the delicious food, you will find yourself transported to another place. This is an inexpensive way to make everyone feel that they are on the beaches of Cancun.

pool party

Setting Up Your Pool Party

Before you get started with your pool party, make sure that you have the whole plan together. If you haven’t planned out your pool party, you may not get the results that you want. Make it extra fun by having the invites themed and having people bring them like a ticket.

Have your menu set up and hire anyone that you need to have serving at the pool party. You also want to have a backup in case something goes south. This will ensure that your party is a success and you are able to enjoy your fun with your friends and family. Whatever theme that you choose, it is going to be a success when you are with people that you enjoy by the pool.

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