For pool owners, swimmers, and water lovers, the swimming season usually looks too short, particularly for people in colder weather. If you wish that you had only some more days or weeks to have a great time your Santa Clarita pool, you are lucky. There are some tips that will help you sneak in just a bit more swim time and have an extended swimming season.

Extended Swimming Season

Here are tips to help you have an extended swimming season.

Add a fire feature:

These features range from outdoor fire pits to fireplaces. Fire features are permanent structures and can result in a comfortable ambiance in your Santa Clarita backyard. They offer ambiance and heat for an extended swimming season. You can select from a fire feature that runs on wood, electric or gas. Talk with our experts at Premier Pools, Santa Clarita pool builders to know what material to build the structure. It is also important to determine at that moment to add an incombustible area around it. This will ensure that no errant sparks will set fire to the structures or grass around it. You can also use an outdoor fire pit to cook.

Pool enclosures:

These come in several designs, which can help you have an extended swimming season. You can extend the season a bit with totally enclosed enclosures. It’s also possible to extend your swim season with the help of open-air enclosures together with a pool heater. A good thing about these features is that along with extending the swimming season, they protect the swimming pool from dust and debris. They also protect your pool from rain, which can upset your pool’s pH balance.

Gas heaters:

An effective way to warm up your backyard oasis and make the pool season last is by using a gas heater. This will usually run on propane or natural gas. While they can increase your energy bill, they function fast for maximum swimming time. You can can use them in any environment as well.

Extended Swimming Season

Hot tub:

If you do not already own one, a hot tub is also an effective way to make sure you have an extended swimming season. You can take a relaxing dip in the hot tub on cool fall nights. This will help keep the summer season fun alive for a while. This add-on is sure to be warm, helping keep you and your friends comfortable. Like with the swimming pool, make sure you keep the cover on at night to ensure that the heat does not all evaporate. You can use a cover to make savings on your energy bill and enjoy the hot tub for as long as possible.

Outdoor illumination:

While this won’t add much to the day’s heat, but it will definitely add to the fun and ambiance you have when you are hanging out outdoors, poolside as soon as the sun sets. Use LED lights to illuminate your Santa Clarita backyard space since these lights are the most long-burning and energy efficient.

Solar covers:

These are amazing since they are environment-friendly. Solar covers trap the sun’s heat for a long period when the swimming pool isn’t in use, thus increasing the pool temperature. They are good to pair with other heating choices because they minimize heat loss.

Extended Swimming Season

Extended Swimming Season – Conclusion

If you want to know more about extending your swimming season or installing a new custom inground pool, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Santa Clarita today.

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