Pools are an essential value-addition to any Souderton home. Plus, the enjoyment of having your own personal oasis when you seriously need some relief from the sweltering heat of the summer season is the dream of most homeowners in Souderton. Pools add a point of interest in your outdoor space around, which you can have fun as well as entertain. Are you considering having a backyard pool and also  wondering how much to install a pool? Keep reading to learn more.

How Much to Install a Pool? Planning Your New Pool in Souderton 1

Constructing a pool in the backyard can be an important investment for many homeowners in Souderton. For this reason, it’s important that you’re well informed about the different pool installation costs. This will also involve the regular maintenance expenses you will end up paying. Swimming pools are available in different shapes types, sizes, and shapes, and hence, how much to install a pool will depend on the kind of pool you desire to have.

Additional Costs of Installation

The most obvious additional pool installation costs are the type of fencing (based on your area’s regulations) and the surrounding patio building around inground swimming pools. You also need to consider the cost of cleanup and maintenance together with the additional equipment costs such as filters, pumps, ladders, handrails, etc. The reason being, both inground and above-ground pool will need regular cleaning and maintenance. They will also need pumps and filters to circulate and filter the pool water consistently.

how much to install a pool

If you’re looking for a heating solution for the pool, then you definitely also need to think about a pool heater’s cost and its subsequent electricity usage. You can also choose the initially costly solar heater and forget electricity expenses.

There are several choices when considering landscaping and accessories for your backyard oasis. This will depend on your needs and your budget. All the costs will add the pool’s total cost of building and hence, should be well thought-out and calculated upfront to avoid unexpected surprises.

Planning your New Backyard Pool

Planning is centered on the basic details of your pool. This will include working out:

  • Council requirements. You may need a permit to construct a pool in your area. The local council will have regulations, like the distance you can install from the boundary.
  • Site for your new pool. How rocky the site is, trees and type of soil will all affect where the pool will be installed and how much to install a pool?
  • Your pool’s shape and size. Have you considered who will use the pool, and what you wish to get out of the pool? Is it for children to swim in, entertaining or simply for fitness for?

how much to install a pool

How Much to Install a Pool? Contact Premier Pools & Spas!

It’s best if you talk to our expert builders and get the most precise estimate for the pool. We’ll take into consideration factors such as pool design, ground excavation, size, labor, materials used, etc, and provide you with a comprehensive quote of the costs. That can help you plan the budget better! For a custom inground pool, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Souderton today!

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