Building efficient pools aren’t a herculean task. It requires meticulous planning and proper steps. There are many cost-effective options that you can choose to make your pool function better while consuming less energy. Here are some ways to make your swimming pool more energy-efficient and economical:

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Choose a Variable Speed Pool Pump

Many experts believe that efficient pools need the right pump as well. Sometimes, the pool pump installed in your home may be larger than what you need. Depending on the size of your pool, you can choose the right type and size of the pool pump. Variable speed pool pumps are a viable choice in this regard.

While the single speed pump takes more time for filtration, a variable speed pump will get the job done in much lesser time. Also, a smaller and more energy-efficient pump will circulate the water without using too much energy.

Pool Cover

Use a Pool Cover

Installing some kind of pool cover can also save a lot on your energy bills. There are many choices including solar covers and sophisticated models with automated controls. The main reason for choosing a cover is to reduce evaporation that causes excessive energy use.

The water pumping through filtration and heating systems consumes a lot of energy. If this water evaporates into thin air, your energy expenses are blatantly wasted. So, when you don’t use the pool, keep it covered to reduce water loss.

Install a Windbreak

When strong wind blows over the swimming pool, it increases evaporation. Here, installing a windbreak can make an efficient pool. It cuts the loss of water without a heavy investment. A windbreak looks like a screen made of semitransparent material. So, it also blends with ease into your backyard.

Use a Pump Timer

The pool pump circulates water to filter the debris and distribute the chemicals evenly throughout the pool. It is necessary to circulate the water for at least 6 hours a day to keep it clean. In hot summers, you may need to increase this run time by 1-2 hours for every increase of 10 degrees Fahrenheit in the temperature.

When you install a pump timer, you can control the runtime of your pump to circulate the water and then, shut off automatically. You can adjust the amount of time to check how much run time your pump needs to clean the water. Accordingly, schedule the pump to run for the same time. In the long run, this practice saves you a lot on utility bills.

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Keep Up with Pool Maintenance

A pool with a jammed filter can hardly function as efficiently as you need. The debris and leaves can clog the pool filters. As a result, the filters need more energy to keep your pool clean. You can avoid this excessive energy consumption by using a skimmer to clean the debris floating in your pool. Also, wash down the sides and floor of the pool to free the debris for easy filtration.

An efficient pool is a rewarding addition to your home. Follow these tips to make your swimming pool more energy-efficient and functional.

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