Upgrading your Pensacola, Crestville, FL pool with water features can be something exciting to think about but until you start working on the process, you won’t know exactly how exciting it can be. When you have water features in your pool, you won’t have to suffer from pool envy anymore. You will be able to look out at your swimming pool with pride and invite any of your friends over to see your awesome pool. In this article, we are going to talk about adding water features to your pool and give you some ideas.

Water Features and Options for Your Pool

You don’t need to go to a luxury hotel anymore or to a far-off resort. Now, you are going to be able to enjoy water features right outside your back door. Having water features makes your pool more fun and interesting.


Your pool is usually used as a water source when you have waterfall water features. There are a series of pipes where water is connected to the feature’s spout and then the water falls several feet before it returns to the pool and this is what makes it different from water cascades or some other water features. Most of this piping is completely concealed in the water to make sure your pool looks good and to keep the equipment safe.

water features

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Pool Bubblers

There are a lot of different bubblers you can choose from. There are some bubblers that take the forms of animals, mermaids and more. You may see some others that are simple structures like bowls. These spill over into your pool but they take less water than if you were to use a waterfall. Some pool bubblers are submerged into the pool and are usually seen on the tanning shelf’s floor or another shallow area in the pool.

Lots of Water Features and Options

water features

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When you look at all of the options that are available, you will see how versatile everything is. You will be able to add anything that you can imagine whether it be more rustic or something that is modern. Bubblers are a good way to make the tanning shelf or shallow end of the pool more fun. You can use different waterfalls and bubblers but you can also use different lighting to make for a gorgeous variation in your backyard.

While you might enjoy your vacation, that isn’t necessarily going to happen as often as you might like, but if you create a beautiful backyard paradise, you will be able to enjoy it as often as you might like. Choosing the right water features for your backyard is a big decision because you want to make sure you are setting up your backyard to be something that you can get excited about looking at on a regular basis since it is going to be in your backyard.

No matter what part of the process you are in right now, we will be glad to help you. Give us a call today.

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