While enjoying the summer sun, you may be spending your days along the poolside with your pets. If you want to have fun with your pooch poolside, there is plenty to do safely with your pup. In this article, we are going to talk more about your pets and being by the pool.

Pets and the Poolside – Let the Fun Begin

Having your pets with you at the pool can be an enjoyable experience. Sometimes your furry friends want to run around and play while other times, they want to relax and enjoy a snuggle with their owner. Whatever your idea of fun time is, you can make it happen by the pool. Here are some fun time ideas.

#1 – Living Like Royalty

pets and the poolside

Photo courtesy of mnn.com

The surface near the pool can be hot on your pup’s body when he or she wants to relax. If that is the case then getting a plush mat will be a great move for you to be able to keep your pet cool and feeling like royalty. Want to take it to the next level with your friend? Get them some delicious doggy froyo to eat while they are on their plush mat. We love froyo when it is warm and they will too.

#2 – Floating Heaven

pets and the poolside

Photo courtesy of laplazagigi.com

Give your doggy a nice float to enjoy the water. Many dogs enjoy floating around the pool with a paw in the water. If you want to join your pup, there is always that option as well. Make sure to purchase a durable float since sometimes your dog’s paws may scratch it and you don’t want to have a sinking ship.

#3 – Keeping Afloat

pets and the poolside

Photo courtesy of riverviewanimalhospital.ca

If you have a pup that you’re worried about swimming then make sure you find him or her a nice sturdy life jacket. This is going to make you feel safer and make your pet more comfortable as well.

Pet Fun & Enjoyment

When you have your pets by the pool, you can enjoy their company and they can enjoy yours. Making sure to keep your pet cool when you are out in the heat is important. Dogs,young and old, need to have plenty of shade and water so they will be able to keep from overheating.

While we want our pets to have fun, we want them to be safe most of all. There are many ways we can make sure our pets are hydrated and kept shaded. If you don’t have any natural shade, you can take an ironing board, set it up and drape a towel over it or take two chairs and put a towel over it. Keep puppy nice and cool while at the pool.

If you haven’t gotten a pool yet, maybe you want a pool in the shape of a pet. The sky is the limit when you are designing your pool. You can do whatever you want with it and there are plenty of designs to choose from especially when you use concrete. Call us today to find out how we can help you get your pets by the poolside.

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