Even the well-maintained, breathtaking pool in San Diego can benefit from an accompanying pool house to make backyard space more fun and convenient. Your custom-built pool house will serve any need, from constructing a luxurious addition ideal for housing guests and entertaining or simply incorporating a functional and appealing storage area for pool necessities. Though pool house plans may appear like an expensive and unnecessary extra feature, a well-designed type will enhance your poolside fun significantly.

pool house plans

As for the cost, this structure may be just a simple cabana for swimmers to change in or it can be an intricate structure with the facilities and space to cook and entertain with shower and bathroom features.  This will depend on your budget and your requirements.

Pool House Plans to Consider:

1. Provide Space for Entertaining

Pool parties are half the fun of owning a pool house. Equip it with coffee and cocktails tables, or seating and, if you want, a bar so that you are ready for festival in no time. Select elegant outdoor fabrics as well as other waterproof surfaces. You do not want guests to feel as though they cannot seat down in wet swimwear.

2. Follow the Architecture of Your Home

Your pool house plans don’t have to match your house precisely; however, it should not appear as though it is in the wrong outdoor space, either. Make sure its proportions, lines, and style match the ones from the main house for visual consistency.

3. Think About Privacy

Swimmers changing into their swimsuits will not want to feel as though they are on show. You can orient your pool house so that it is as private as possible. Make sure it includes features like blinds or shades, privacy walls, screens, and etched or frosted windows.

4. Plan for Both Indoor and Outdoor Shelter

A wide overhang will let you and your loved ones enjoy clean air while keeping away from the hot sun in San Diego. But you will also want an enclosed inside space in the event of rain.

pool house plans

5. Keep your Property Puddle Free

If you have to walk to and from the house to get fresh towels and cold drinks, that defeats the point of pool house plans. You can stock it with extra towels, snacks, a mini fridge, dishware, and other details. Incorporate a small bathroom space with a shower, sink, and toilet so that your guests can rinse off right after exiting the pool.

6. Build in Enough Storage

Swimming pool equipment can be bulky, and it has a habit of building up. You can layer in cabinets, shelving and functional furnishings, like storage benches, to keep the pool house clutter-free.

7. Remember Electronics

Wi-Fi, dimmer-controlled lighting and sound system will help a lot toward making your custom pool house both functional and enjoyable. If you want to entertain by the poolside during key events, you may include a TV as well.

8. Take Note of Building Codes

Usually, a pool house should be built a recommended number of feet far from your pool, a figure that is usually based on your water’s depth. Check out your county or city’s building codes to make sure that you fall within the needed guidelines.

pool house plans

Pool House Plans – Conclusion

Can you picture your custom pool house already? Are you sketching pool house plans and looking to start immediately? If you want to talk to a professional pool contractor in San Diego, CA, contact Premier Pools & Spas today! We’ll help you construct your own pool house customized to suit your budget and needs.

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