A pool is no fun unless you can get in and get out of it quickly. The type of pool entry will depend on several factors like the presence of a deck and whether your pool is inground or above the ground. Pool stairs are becoming a popular choice as entryways to pools. But what about pool ladders? How do you choose between the two? Here is a brief insight into this idea.

Above Ground Pool Ladders

Above Ground Pool Features

These ladders are attached to the top railing of your wooden deck or above ground pool. Do you own an above ground pool without the deck? Consider using an A-frame ladder for gaining access to your pool.

This ladder has two sides and can be placed over the pool wall. You can even tune them to match the height of your pool’s wall. Do you have children in the family? Then consider sliding up the ladder’s outer section. Lock it securely when you are not using the pool.

Have a deck around your pool? Use a one-sided ladder and attach it to the deck with mounting flanges. You can even choose an economical version that resembles the A-frame ladder. Premier models will resemble a small set of pool stairs. Use ladder pad to provide a cushion between your ladder and pool liner.

Above Ground Pool Steps

Premier Above Ground Pools

Pool steps make your entry into the pool a grand affair. Steps are easy to access and comes handy if you have an elderly and kids in your family. Most pool stairs will be attached to your deck. Some models may have ladders attached, and both can work in conjunction.

The wedding cake style of steps is hugely popular. This design is both functional and attractive. The rounded steps will give you a wide area for getting in and out of the pool. You also have an option to attach a ladder to this kind of steps. This feature is especially useful if you have no deck.

The Royal entrance Step is the next popular design you can consider. Use this design if your pool has a cove and a bottom edge. Pool steps are available in myriad designs and can be customized to suit your requirements.

Inground Pool Ladders

Consider installing inground pool ladders at the deeper end of your pool. They come with stainless steel handrails and corrosion-resistant steel/plastic treads. Some ladders can fit close to your pool’s wall. You may have to check with local codes before purchasing such ladders.

Inground Pool Steps

Mineral pool systems

Most inground pool steps are integrated into your pool during its construction. You may have to purchase a few other steps depending on your styling preferences. The pool’s location can determine the kind of step you will need. Is it in the corner? Or along a flat wall, or the wall height? Inground pool steps are made from acrylic or sturdy plastic.

They also have stainless steel handrails that you can attach to the pool deck. Inground steps have pea gravel or sand to weigh them firmly down. Installing wide pool steps is undoubtedly more convenient than using ladders. Pool steps are easy to maintain and offer better pool access to your family members.

The decision of using ladders or steps is entirely dependent on your preferences and requirement. Remember to weigh both the options and choose the one that fits your needs.

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