Congratulations on your decision to get a new inground pool! As your pool builder completes the construction of your beautiful swimming pool, it’s important to prepare for its maintenance so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Premier Pools & Spas, renowned pool builders and installers, are here to guide you through the essential pool supplies you’ll need to keep your pool in top shape.

Swimming Pool Supplies Information

We’ll break down each necessary item, discuss their importance, and provide average price ranges. Additionally, we’ll share a few optional upgrades to enhance your pool ownership experience. Let’s dive in!

Water Test Kit

Maintaining balanced pool water is crucial for a well-maintained pool. Regularly test your water using a reliable water test kit, about two to three times per week, to ensure proper chemical balance. This not only simplifies pool maintenance but also extends the lifespan of your pool’s surface.

Average price: $20 to $100

Pool Shock

Pool shock is useful for addressing algae growth or maintaining a clean and algae-free pool. Consider shocking your pool every month or every three weeks to ensure optimal cleanliness.

Average price: $30

Pool Vacuum

A pool vacuum or suction cleaner is essential for keeping your pool free of dirt and algae. Regular vacuuming, at least once a week, ensures a clean and inviting swimming experience.

Many pool owners find this task surprisingly relaxing.

Average price: $100 to $350+

Pool Brush

To prevent slimy walls and algae growth, weekly brushing is essential. For concrete pools with a plaster surface, use a steel-bristle brush, while a soft nylon brush works well for liner or fiberglass pools.

Avoid using steel tools on liners and remember that fiberglass pools require less vigorous brushing due to their smooth and algae-resistant gel coat surface.

Average price: $25+

Skimmer Net

The skimmer net is an indispensable tool for removing unwanted bugs and leaves from your pool. By promptly removing debris, you can prevent stains on the pool’s surface.

Consider opting for a leaf rake for its larger net, allowing you to efficiently scoop up more leaves and debris.

Average price: $20+

Pool Sanitizer

Chlorine is a crucial pool sanitizer. If you choose traditional chlorine, ensure you have it readily available when starting up your pool. For salt-chlorine generators, you’ll need an ample supply of salt.

Average price: $175+


Prevent algae growth and quickly clear up infestations with a reliable algaecide.

While fiberglass pool owners may face fewer algae-related issues, concrete and vinyl liner pool owners should remain vigilant in their pool maintenance routine.

Average price: $25+

Optional Pool Supply Upgrades

Digital Pool Tester

For a simplified testing process, consider a digital pool tester. Some models can be monitored through a mobile app, streamlining pool maintenance.

While not essential, a digital pool tester can make pool maintenance more convenient, especially for automation enthusiasts.

Average price: $150+

Automatic Pool Vacuum

Upgrade your pool maintenance routine with an automatic or robotic pool vacuum. These devices clean the pool’s floors and walls while you attend to other tasks, saving you time and effort.

Average price: $900+

Automatic Chlorinator

An automatic chlorinator can significantly simplify the pool sanitation process. While manual work is still required, these devices automatically sanitize your water as it passes through the system.

Average price: $80+

As a new pool owner, ensuring you have the necessary pool supplies is vital for maintaining a clean, safe, and enjoyable swimming environment. We hope this comprehensive guide helps you understand the essential pool supplies required and their average prices.

We’ve provided a few optional upgrades to consider for added convenience and automation. Happy swimming!

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