Your backyard pool in South Florida is a spot where you, your family and friends go to spend time. It brings you smiles every time you think about it! You and your loved ones have made plenty of great reminiscences having fun in or around it. And while this body of water has been the wonderful, a bit of update never harm anybody. Having a pool with waterfall, for instance, and other backyard improvements are a possible addition, which can make your outdoor space in South Florida stand out from the rest.

pool with waterfall

Benefits of a Pool with a Waterfall

One important benefit of pool with waterfall is the beautiful aesthetic this feature lends to your outdoor space. In addition, the white noise this water feature creates is calming and can improve the overall feel of your outdoor space. Lastly, incorporating a waterfall can increase your home’s value as well.

But when it comes to your actual pool, this water feature can help with things such as filtration as well. Since the waterfall will keep pool water in motion, it will help the ability of your backyard pool to clean itself. Thus, this feature will help maintain the usability and health of your pool water. Likewise, the continuous moving water helps to ensure the pool stays free of algae. And perhaps the most essential added benefit is that these pool water features will help cool the temperature of your pool water, even during the scorching hot summer months in South Florida.

Adding a Waterfall to an Existing Backyard Pool

If you want to undertake a backyard project, we have some tips to assist you. Before you decide to install a waterfall, ask this question: Is a waterfall the best decision to suit your home and your needs? There are lots of things to consider when considering pool with waterfall.

pool with waterfall

Some Things to Consider

After you have decided to have a pool with waterfall, there are some items you should think about. To begin with, you should choose the preferred look. There are lots of choices to pick from, like placement around your pool, the waterfall’s size, and the kind of material you will use. You should ensure it will work and fit in your available space. When doing so, think about the depth and height of the waterfall. Lastly, ask yourself whether your preferred look suits the needs and lifestyle of your family.

Next, choosing the proper materials is important. Choices depend on your design option, but may also include materials such as prefabricated designs, natural boulders, and faux stone. Finally, you should modify the pool pump to ensure it will accommodate the new waterfall.

Additional Improvements

While our professional team specializes in swimming pools and waterfalls, we can assist with several other backyard improvements, as well, if you decide this water feature simply is not for you. Some of our favorites include a scupper, a rainfall curtain, and a deck jet. Incorporating pool plants to your outdoor space will create the oasis you desire. These choices all offer a different, yet pleasing aesthetic to your backyard oasis.

pool with waterfall

Pool with Waterfall – Call the Experts!

Here at Premier Pools & Spas of South Florida, we strive in providing our customers with outstanding services by creating inspirational, wonderful, and gorgeous waterfalls. You might even choose to incorporate one into your landscape. Let’s help you design and create one for you! Allow us to visit your home to analyze your waterfall needs. Your search has ended for the expert waterfall installers; you’ve come to the very best.

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