As the temperatures get warmer day by day, many homeowners have one thing on their mind. They either get ready to open their pool or build a new pool for their home. If you are also thinking about opening your pool for the spring, there are certain important things you need to remember.Preparing Your Louisville Pool for the Spring Season 1

Why Should You Prepare Your Pool

After a long period of winter, you can starting opening your pool by taking off your pool cover to enjoy the start of the swim season. But before you dive in, you have to prepare your pool. Whether you winterize your pool or leave it in as is basis during the colder weather, you must now get your pool back into shape.

In the past months, the pool might have collected a lot of debris, dirt, and leaves. It is now your job to get rid of those harmful elements. If you neglect even a small issue, it could cause severe damages in the coming days. You can avoid unnecessary repairs with proper pool maintenance. The earlier you get on this task, the better it is for your safety and hygiene.

Gunite Pool Installation

How to Open Your Pool

Opening your pool for the spring isn’t very hard, provided you had closed it properly in the winter. You need to follow these steps to get your pool ready for the spring:

  • Remove the CoverRemove the water on top of the pool cover and take the cover off.
  • Gather Your Pool ToolsHave skimmers, test kit, hoses and other tools available.
  • Run the Pool FilterStart circulating the water. Check for green water, which indicates the presence of algae in your pool.
  • Shock the PoolAdd shock to get rid of algae. You should keep doing this as part of your regular maintenance to balance the water chemistry.
  • Use the Test Kit- Make sure the chlorine and pH levels are in the right amount.
  • Turn on the PumpWhile you are doing this, turn on the pump for a full day to help prevent stagnation of your pool.

By taking good care all year round, you can enjoy a safe and hygienic pool environment. However knowledgeable you are, pool maintenance can be a tedious task. You might need to devote a lot of your time and resources. Let professional pool maintenance company take care of this for you.

When Should You be Opening Your Pool

Though it is your choice when to open your pool, most Louisville pools open during April. Ideally, it is better if you wait till the temperature reaches 85 degrees, or if you have a heater, you may open at 75.

The time for opening your pool also depends on what kind of pool you have. Some materials you use have to face freeze and thaw cycles, which can destroy inground pools. Hence it is advisable to have a pool maintenance company help you winterize your pool and prepare it for the opening.

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