Your swimming pool is your oasis. It is a huge investment that you ought to protect over time. There are many ways to do that. New Orleans pool covers can offer protection against dirt, dust, and debris. But, you also need weekly maintenance of your pool to keep it in the perfect shape. Also, with some thoughtful steps, you can maintain your pool in an eco-friendly manner. Here are a few things that you can do:

Cover Up the Pool

It is the most obvious choice for pool owners. When not in use, cover your pool adequately. An uncovered pool invites excessive grime and debris. Above all, it results in loss of water, heat, and power. Invest in the best New Orleans pool covers that offer maximum protection to your pool. It will reduce water evaporation by up to 97% and save a lot on your utility bills as well. Choose a sturdy and impermeable pool cover to handle wind, weight, and weather.

Keeping Your Dallas Backyard Oasis Safe

Fence Off the Pool Area

While owning a private pool is bliss, you must protect this oasis with proper fencing. It secures the perimeter of your pool from unwanted trespassers. A proper fence gives you the privacy that you seek in your backyard, especially when spending time with your family. There are many varieties available in pool fences to choose from.

You can invest in a regular fence or choose a tall green wall to add an element of greenery along with privacy. When your pool is not in use, prefer a fence that comes with a locking gate for the safety of kids and pets. You can also install a pool alarm system that buzzes whenever a person gets close to the pool area.

 Add Landscaping

Make a stunning backyard garden to protect your pool from elements like wind. Use native plants and shrubs that act as windbreakers. When you plant them around the pool, they also reduce water evaporation.

Here, you should remember to add landscaping a little far away from the pool. It is necessary to prevent debris from falling in the water. With this addition, you can create a serene and wonderful natural setting around the pool. What else do you need for a tropical retreat?

Pool Cover

Keep an Eye on Rain Accumulation

Rain accumulation isn’t an issue if you use high-quality mesh covers for your pool. It allows rainwater through its surface and keeps the debris out. A low-quality pool cover may wither away with the weight of the rainwater. Here, you also need to run a motorized pump every time when the accumulated water level reaches 1-2 inches.

Ensure Weekly Pool Maintenance

Cleaning the pool with a skimmer isn’t enough. You must protect this valuable investment with a weekly maintenance schedule. It includes checking the water chemical balance, pool equipment, and cleanliness of pool filters. The pool maintenance specialists will also brush the walls and edges of the pool along with vacuuming of its bottom.

With these simple and effective steps, you can protect your pool investment from any harmful external element. New Orleans pool covers are the first step in the right direction.

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