Few things can impact the look of a Temecula backyard pool like stains on the floor and walls of the pool. Stains can be different colors; black-purple-brown, green-brown, pink-red, green-brown-red and other unusual colors. Unfortunately, pool cleanup where staining is concerned is not always simple for the pool owner. Luckily, it is part of the services offered at Premier Pools & Spas of Temecula. We can help remove pool stains and greatly improve the look of any kind of staining issues.

remove pool stains

Causes of stains in a pool:

There are lots of things that cause stains, both inorganic and organic, which can cause pool staining. These include:

  • Rust from a pool ladder
  • Unbalanced pool water chemical
  • Fruit and leaves from close by trees
  • Mineral deposits
  • Algae
  • Iron, manganese, and copper from water pipes or well water

In spite of what type of stains your backyard oasis may be prone to, the way out is weekly pool service done by our pool cleaning professionals. We’re experts in creating and maintaining the proper chemical balance in your Temecula backyard pool. That will assist in keeping the water healthy, stain-free and clean year-round. Furthermore, we have the hands-on expertise required to remove pool stains that presently exists.

How do you remove pool stains?

Pool stain prevention is as important, simple, and essential as any other aspect of pool maintenance.

To keep the sanitizer functioning well, balance the alkalinity and pH properly. Keep your backyard oasis clean by constantly skimming the water’s surface and vacuuming with an automatic pool cleaner or manually.

remove pool stains

To ensure organic stains don’t form, remember to the right sanitizer level (i .e. chlorine) in the swimming pool always.

When it comes to a copper issue, it is good to note that low pH can result in reappearance of stains. Acidic water is due to low pH, which will erode copper and introduce it into the pool. Make sure you adjust the levels of pH accordingly.

Testing the pool water on a regular basis for the presence of metals is the best precautionary measure against metal stains, and dealing with it before stains form. If the pool is susceptible to metal contamination, make sure you use a scale and stain product as part of frequent pool maintenance. The products isolate minerals in solution, stopping them from sticking to the surfaces of your pool.

Whether you’ve been a pool owner for long, or you’re a new pool owner, you need to be well knowledgeable about one of the many realities of owning a pool: you will have to remove pool stains at one time during your pool’s life. This isn’t a big deal! It is something that’s affordable and easy to do. But pinpointing and getting rid of stains might be a real task if you do not understand what you’re doing, and what you want.

remove pool stains

Remove Pool Stains – Hire the Professionals!

If you want the best pool cleaners that are experts in removing stains from pools, then look no further. Our professional service team at Premier Pools & Spas of Temecula can check and remove pool stains at a time that will suit you best.

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