“Think small, live big!” That’s the concept behind small swimming pools designed by our Heart of Texas team. If you think that your outdoor space is too tiny of unusually shape s to incorporate a swimming pool, we’re here to tell you that you’re wrong. In fact, smaller, petite swimming pools that can sync up naturally with any shape backyard have certainly reached official trend status today. Many swimming pool owners, even those with larger outdoor spaces, are leaning toward simplicity and compactness. Homeowners are learning that these petite pools, commonly called “spools,” offers the same amount of fun as their larger counterparts, but come with a lower price tag and requires less maintenance – now that’s a catch if you ask us!   

Today we’re bringing you a few reasons why small swimming pools are now a thing:

They Fit into Any Space – Big or Small Heart of Texas

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Whereas large pools are solely for large backyards, spools can be incorporated into both large and small backyards. In many parts of Heart of Texas, small backyards, are a major issue with a lot of houses. However, once a spool is thrown into the mix, it opens up endlessly possibilities for homeowners to enjoy their home. Just take a look at this tiny spool by PPS, tucked away neatly into this backyard.

They Can Be Integrated into Your Heart of Texas Deck

Building a Small Pool

If your small Heart of Texas backyard already have a deck, just imagine how much more fun spending time at home would be if you add a spool. Adding a small swimming pool to a deck can be a fairly easy process when working with experts, and if there’s enough space left, you can even throw in some stunning outdoor furniture.

They Can Be Designed into A Number of Shapes

Small Pools, or "Spools" in Heart of Texas 1

While you’ll see rectangular spools in most Heart of Texas homes, they don’t need to be! Small pools can be rectangular, square or circular and still look modern and chic. All you need to do is ensure that your spool is large enough for you to cool off or make a splash.

That’s just a few reasons why small swimming pools are making a return to yard designs today. They may appear simply but there’s still a lot that goes into designing and installing small pools. So, it’s always best to work with a Heart of Texas swimming pool builder that will be able to help you achieve the results you want and make the installation process as smoothly as possible. That’s where we come in!

When quality results are what you desire, Premier Pools and Spa of Heart of Texas, is the team for you. Owner Charles (Chip) and Trina Rayburn have been helping owners for several years to make their homes happier, and there’s no doubt that they’ll do the same for you. We’ve established a reputation for building superior pools over the last 27 years and we always strive to uphold our reputation. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you to pimp up your small Heart of Texas backyard.

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