Worried that you Spanish Fort yard is too small for a pool? In this article, we are going to talk about mini swimming pools and how you can use them to get the pool you’ve always wanted.
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Mini Pools Make Dreams Come True

Many people that either did not have space for a larger pool or did not want to take care of the maintenance for the pool are looking into mini pools. Mini pools allow for users to have the pool experience without having to take up all their backyard. You may not want your pool to be the focal pool of your yard and if that is the case, a mini pool is exactly what you need.

Depending on your yard’s shape and size, you will be able to customize the pool that you get. You may want a round, square, rectangle, freeform or another shape of the pool. There are truthfully limitless options when it comes to the shape of the pool that you want unless you get a fiberglass pool. Fiberglass pools do have a limited number of pre-formed molds but there are a lot of choices.

mini pools

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Mini Pools – What Do You Want?

When you are looking at the different types of mini pools that are available, you need to think about the function that you want. When you think about the function for the mini pools, it will help you make your decisions easier so that you get the exact pool that you want.

Do you want a pool that is kid friendly? Do you want a pool to use for exercise? Ask yourself questions like this and it will make things much easier when you are going through the process of letting the installation professionals and designer understand what you want.

Some pools are going to be smaller than others and you can have almost any size of mini that you want. If you aren’t sure what options are available, you can speak to a pool professional that will help guide you through the process.

mini pools

Photo courtesy of quiet-corner.com

Creating the Backyard of Your Dreams

When you are creating the backyard of your dreams and you’ve figured out which of the mini pools you want, you need to think about the surroundings of the pool as well. 9 out of 10 people that get new pools also take care of their landscaping at the same time because it creates such a different look for their pool.

Not only is landscaping beautiful and makes the pool look better, but a deck or patio helps to keep your pool clean. Trees can help you keep the wind down so that you don’t have harsh winds coming down on you when you are trying to swim in your new paradise mini pools.

Ready to get started on your mini pools and piece of paradise? Reach out to one of our professionals today and we will be glad to help you move through the process and get the pool that you want.

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