Lap pools are great, mainly because they don’t consume your entire backyard space. They are perfect for grownups, exercising, and fun. In short, these sleek, long oases serve most of the purposes expected from a pool. The way you design these small swimming pools can make your backyard space even more intriguing. Check here some really stunning lap pools design, which definitely would fit into any space.

Adjacent to Garden Design

lap pool cost

A lap pool built against your long garden forms a blue, cool oasis. It can perfectly contrast to the decorative embellishments in your garden.

Just keep it as long as the length of your garden and you will have enough space for exercise and entertainment.

Surrounded By Greenery

sports pool

Nature itself feels so refreshing and rejuvenating. If you miss diving into the natural lakes and ponds then consider creating a lap pool surrounded by greenery and hedges from all around.

With a few custom pool add-ons, it will be your personal revitalizing getaway.

Roof Top Pool Design

Jamie Lee Curtis Celebrity Pool

Love those scenic views from the top, plan to create a lap pool on your house or villa’s rooftop. It will not only pep up the entire look of the roof area, but will also lend you additional space for sitting, relaxing, and chatting with friends.

Surface the pool deck with natural deck materials to give it more serene appearance. Also, it is a great way to impart more safety to your exotic pool.

C-Shape Pool Design

A lap pool adjacent to your living room space is an excellent idea to stay connected while still enjoying your personal bit of space. It is one of the classy small swimming pools designs where lap pool is formed in a C shape.

Wrap your pool with natural and sophisticated elements. Cover up your living room with glass to create that perfect house.

Natural River Design

This one is very economical and easy to construct. You can get it done even when you have limited backyard space. No need to leave space for sitting or relaxation. Let your pool be the only place for relaxation.

Something so perfect! Surround the pool by greenery to make it look almost like a small, private river.

Sculptural Pool Design

While light-colored bottom tiles make a pool look livelier, use dark-colored bottom tiles for your pool to make it a sculptural element.

A perfect way to complement your backyard, this pool design needs no more enhancements and seems appropriately playful.

Narrow Pool Design

A narrow lap pool design can be as much fun as its bigger counterparts. A well-surfaced pool deck and some little space for sitting and eating are all that you need.

It is a perfect idea to create an exotic space in your backyard and enjoy some enjoyable time with your family and friends.

Small swimming pools are a great way to own a private pool without spending too much money. A lap pool works perfectly for homeowners with limited backyard space. Most importantly, it can spruce up the overall look of your house without needing many add-ons.

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