Summer season in Louisiana is pool time. When the temperatures increase rapidly, children and adults head to pools to cool off in and have fun playing some swimming pool sports. While it is apparent that pools swimming pools are good for unwinding, playing games with children or taking a dip, are you aware they are also a good source for sports? Swimming pool sports can be fun for both children and adults alike. They are a great way of working out, socializing or entertainment, plus they are ideal for pool parties.

swimming pool sports

Here are some swimming water sports you can play in your Louisiana pool.

Pool Basketball

You might be asking yourself just how you dribble the ball in this sports activity in. While it is okay to simply have a good time shooting the ball, if you’re looking to get a bit technical there are some rules to this water sport. You’ll find different ways that you can play pool basketball; however, the game is usually a combination of water polo and basketball. Teams of 3 or 5 players each should use a ball to shoot at the goal within a specific time after they gain possession.

Water polo

When you’re hosting a pool party, make plans for a relaxed game of water polo between family and friends. If you do not have a real water polo ball, you can use a slightly deflated volleyball. After that, you can use a few empty coolers or patio chairs tipped sideways to set up goals at both the pool’s ends.

swimming pool sports

The real water polo has complex rules, but for the purposes of our summer swimming pool sports just imagine soccer in the pool water. You are not permitted to stand on the pool’s bottom, and you have to either shoot or pass the ball once you pick it up with a hand. Between sprinting up and down the pool and treading water, your aerobic capacity and muscles will be worked a lot harder than simply swimming a couple of laps.


This is a fun sports activity, which can have as many players as possible. You can easily find the nest for playing this game on the market. You can also find floating nets on the market that are perfect for children. Pool volleyball is a fun way to have some workout while having fun with family and friends.

The rules of this water game resemble those of volleyball, with the apparent exception that those taking part are limited by the presence of the water. The teams usually comprise of 4 or 6 on each side. The teams need to concur which game length is appropriate for the players and teams. To end the game, the team that wins should have a 2-point lead.

swimming pool sports

Swimming Pool Sports – Conclusion

If you’re planning to host a pool party, choose a fun sport to play that will offer entertainment. If you do not yet have a swimming pool, now is the best time to get your own backyard oasis while the weather condition is still warm. Premier Pools & Spas of SW Louisiana offer pools that are great for a variety of activities, which include swimming pool sports. Contact our pool experts today!

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