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What to Know about Hosting Pool Parties

Pool parties are the perfect way of cooling off within the hot summer months in the Heart of Texas. Hosting pool parties is also a great way for kids to celebrate the end of the school year or a summertime birthday! Things you Need to do Before Hosting Pool Parties Your Guest List: While it

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Pool Parties in Austin

Whether it is relaxing by the swimming pool, soaking up rays in your designer bikinis, and sipping juicy umbrella drinks, Austin is definitely the place to have fun in the sun. So next time you are in the mood for crossing the bridge and getting wet, remember these pool party destinations. Image source

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Top 5 best cocktails by the pool

Believe me, it was hard to pick just 5!  Please just take a brief moment and visualize the perfect summer day. If we could make a guess, we would surmise that your summer utopia paradise consists of cocktails by the pool, a big swimming pool at the perfect temperature, a gentle breeze, a cloud-free sky,

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Have a Patriotic Pool Party

4th of July Pool Party Ideas! The 4th of July is a good time for friends and family to get together and have a special celebration, like a patriotic-themed pool party! Put on a BBQ and decorate in red, white, and blue. You could easily put together an Independence Day party and have fun with

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Swimming Pool Party Ideas

How best to share your pool with family and friends? Throw a party! A swimming pool party is a great way to bond and enjoy time with people you love. Here are some ideas for a hassle-free pool party! How to Throw a Pool Party Swimming Pool Party for Kids Kids and adults have

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