Pool parties are the perfect way of cooling off within the hot summer months in the Heart of Texas. Hosting pool parties is also a great way for kids to celebrate the end of the school year or a summertime birthday!

hosting pool parties

Things you Need to do Before Hosting Pool Parties

Your Guest List:

While it is good you have a lot of family and friends, don’t remember to think about your preferred size of your pool party. Determining early on whether you will have a small or big pool party will make planning more effective. This is because you will have an idea of how much of everything you require from supplies to food. Hosting pool parties is a big responsibility, so ensure you are ready.


Apart from gathering all the supplies, you’ll need for hosting pool parties, remember to pack the perfect beach bag. It is especially important if you intend to host the pool party at a community pool instead of in your own home. Remember the following beach bag basics: bathing suit, towel, sunglasses, hat, water bottles, sandals, adult snacks, and sunscreen.


Swimming and having fun inside the pool definitely will leave the children craving for treats. Plan a menu that’s filled with appropriate pool party foods like watermelon slices, chips and guacamole, lemonade, and a range of colorful popsicles. If you would like to provide more than merely treats, have the grill going and prepare up some hamburgers and hot dogs.

hosting pool parties

Include a drink station:

Prepare to add some flavor to the pool party. You can choose to go the easy route and get liter soda bottles to serve all the party goers. But including a drink station provides more creativity and variety. Get a few glass drink dispensers and fill them with choices such as flavor-enhanced water and mixed non-alcoholic drinks. This will truly get the party off to a good start.

Guests will be fascinated by simply the sight of these beverages while hosting pool parties. Who will need soda when you can have flavorsome, enticing options?


Create some interesting pool games to engage kids when hosting pool parties. Some great games for kids include water balloon toss, diving to retrieve colored rings, and watermelon seed spitting competitions. You can also let the children run through a sprinkler or install a slip and slide.


Hosting pool parties does not necessarily need decorations! But if you intend to offer your outdoor space in the Heart of Texas an extra special touch there are many decoration ideas that are easy to implement. Throw some light-up creatures inside your pool to add to the partying. In addition, adding Tiki torches all along your backyard’s perimeter will keep insects away and are so much fun.

hosting pool parties

Hosting Pool Parties – Conclusion

To get more secrets to hosting pool parties and information about installing a new custom inground pool, contact experts at Premier Pools & Spas of the Heart of Texas today!

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